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Published at 24th of January 2020 03:50:37 PM
Chapter 358

Feng Wu realized in amazement!

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There was a spiritual imprint on the key so that no one other than Sir Yan himself could use it!

Feng Wu was so frustrated!

After putting up with Feng Liu’s lousy plan all this time, she just found out that it was all for nothing?

What a waste of time!

Just then, Feng Wu saw people begin to move to and fro around the lake… Since she couldn’t get in, her only choice was to give up for the time being…

Sigh .

Feng Wu patted herself on the chest . She didn’t like it at all, but she had no choice but to head back with the key…

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Mrs Yan was frantically searching for Feng Wu .

Mrs Zuo was confused and so were the other ladies .

“Feng Wu? She knows medicine?” Mrs Qian frowned . “How can that be?”

Mrs Zhao was equally bewildered . “I’ve never heard of such a thing . Is Mrs Yan mistaken?”

The other ladies gathered around and talked among themselves . Their conclusion was that Mrs Yan had lost her mind .

Someone then suggested, “Is it possible that… Mrs Yan doesn’t want Lady Tang to have this baby? Is that why she’s insisting on letting Feng Wu treat her?”

“But that’s so stupid . She has so many other options if she wants to get rid of Lady Tang . Did she have to do it in front of so many people? Mrs Yan is too smart to make such a mistake . ”

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Mrs Yan heard everything .

Her face was livid!

She cast stern looks at Yan Yan and Feng Liu . They were going to pay for this!

“Have you found her?!” Mrs Yan glared at her steward and said between gritted teeth .

Although he had no idea why Mrs Yan was doing this, the steward still shook his head and replied, “We lost track of Miss Feng Wu among the chaos . It’s not that easy to find her . ”

Just then, someone went up to Yan Yan and whispered something in her ear .

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It was Zuo Qingyu, Zuo Qingluan’s own sister .

Yan Yan’s eyes lit up!

“She won’t take advantage of the chaos and try to steal stuff, will she?”

Yan Yan, who had been huddled in the corner, spoke up all of a sudden, which caught everyone’s attention!

“I mean it!” Yan Yan clenched her fists, hoping more than anything else to drag Feng Wu into this . “She’s just come back from Northern Border City and her family has nothing . I bet she has her eye on a lot of things here and she’s out there stealing things!”

The others weren’t convinced . Could it be possible?

“Actually, it was all Feng Wu’s plan!” Yan Yan rose to her feet and said loudly, “You all saw it . She dragged us toward Lady Tang just then! She planned everything!”

Feng Xun only thought Yan Yan ridiculous and rolled his eyes at her . “Didn’t you admit that it was Feng Liu’s plan just then? Why are you blaming Feng Wu now?”

“Haha, cousin, you’re so naive!” Yan Yan reacted quickly . “I said so because I wanted to bring Feng Wu’s guard down . She would feel safe enough to sneak off if she saw me and Feng Liu attacking each other!”

Feng Xun felt like slapping her . “Yan Yan! You were accusing Feng Liu earlier and you’re accusing Feng Wu now! Where’s your evidence? Do you think everyone will take your word for it?”

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