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Chapter 357: 357

Feng Yanfeng was walking toward them while chatting cheerfully with the others .

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He had picked a valuable gift for Sir Yan today and the latter had patted him on the shoulder afterward with a knowing smile .

Feng Yanfeng knew there and then that he was going to get that assistant minister position in the Ministry of Official Personnel .

Feng Yanfeng was feeling ecstatic inside, when he heard about what happened to Lady Tang . He then decided to come over with some friends to console Sir Yan .

However, he heard Feng Liu’s loud accusation before he even saw her face!

Feng Yanfeng was mortified!

He froze on the spot!


Feng Liu had something to do with what had happened to Lady Tang?

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By then, Yan Yan had jumped to her feet and began to scream at Feng Liu . “That’s bullshit! You came to me first! You said you couldn’t stand Feng Wu’s arrogance and you wanted to set her up and make her kill Lady Tang’s baby . That way, you’d be able to kill two birds with one stone —”

Feng Liu wasn’t going to let Yan Yan pin it on her and she jumped at Yan Yan .

” Smack — ”

A slap landed on her face, so hard it made her lightheaded and she saw stars .

“You brat!” Feng Yanfeng thought his head was going to explode!

It had cost him a fortune to fawn on Sir Yan, and he had practically gone down on his knees . And look what Feng Liu had done behind his back! Feng Yanfeng swore that he could kill her right there and then!

Feng Yanfeng was about to say something, but Sir Yan silenced him with a wave of his hand .

Mrs Yan also stood there and stared at Yan Yan in astonishment… She knew that Yan Yan wasn’t smart, but she had never expected that the latter could be this stupid!

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“Ahhh —”

Lady Tang wailed in pain .

Master Bai came out and grimaced in resignation . “There’s really nothing I can do now . You’ll need a better doctor . ”

It reminded Mrs Yan of someone . “Where’s Feng Wu?”

The old lady flared up at that name . “What do you want that brat for? Kick her out! I don’t ever want to see her again! She’s never setting foot in this manor!”

Mrs Yan took a deep breath .

She couldn’t let Lady Tang die . If that happened, the others wouldn’t blame Yan Yan, but would be convinced that the girl had done it under her mother’s instructions… That would ruin Mrs Yan’s reputation forever .

At that thought, Mrs Yan was even more desperate to find Feng Wu .

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“Miss Wu is an extremely talented doctor . I’m sure she’ll be able to save Lady Tang and her baby . ” Mrs Yan was there when Feng Wu had saved Mrs Ning .

However, her stubborn mother-in-law only smirked . “You evil woman . I know you want Lady Tang dead! Only then can you be satisfied!”


That outright accusation made Mrs Yan’s face very grim .

“Ahhh — it hurts — my baby —” Lady Tang kept on crying and her shrill cries made Yan Yan and Feng Liu blanch .

They had never felt as despairing as they did now .

Despite the old lady’s angry protests, Mrs Yan gave her order . “Go find Miss Wu and bring her here ASAP!”

“Yes —”

Mrs Yan had run the household affairs for years and all the servants were in the habit of following her orders .

However, what was Feng Wu doing at the moment?

She was studying the key she had stolen from Sir Yan .

She had taken it for an ordinary key until she couldn’t open the door . Only then did she take a closer look, and she saw that —

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