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Chapter 355: 355

The hall was in utter chaos .

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Lady Tang was wailing, Yan Yan was defending herself, Feng Liu was trying to make excuses, and the old lady was scolding everyone… It was like a circus out there .

And there wasn’t a better moment for Feng Wu to sneak off .

When no one was looking, Feng Wu hid behind a column before quickly hopping into a big tree . The next moment, she was nowhere to be seen .

Actually, Feng Wu had had everything under control the whole time .

It wasn’t that she had figured out everything herself, but Yan Yan and Feng Liu had just happened to discuss their plan under a tree that Feng Wu had been hiding in . She had heard everything .

Feng Wu learned that Feng Liu was going to persuade her to come to the Yan manor and that the latter would make Feng Wu a laughingstock during the banquet . She also learned that Feng Liu and Yan Yan were going to make her the scapegoat for Lady Tang’s mishap .

Feng Yanfeng would do anything to curry favor with Sir Yan . Just imagine what he would do to Feng Wu if he learned that Feng Wu had killed Sir Yan’s favorite concubine and her baby .

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It was probably the cleverest plan Feng Liu and Yan Yan had ever managed to come up with . Unfortunately, Feng Wu had been right above their heads and had heard every word .

Hence, Feng Wu had decided to twist their trick to her own use .

Because she needed that key which Sir Yan kept in his sleeve all the time .

Sir Yan was much more capable than Feng Wu and he always had that key on him . Feng Wu wouldn’t be able to steal it under normal circumstances, and she could only give it a go when he was greatly disturbed and was distracted .

Hence, Feng Wu played along with Feng Liu and Yan Yan, entertaining them with their little trick . She finally got what she wanted when Sir Yan walked past her .

The Yan manor was a spacious one with six rows of houses, and each row had multiple courtyard levels . Airy pavilions and pagodas with rows of overhanging eaves stood in great numbers . It could be quite overwhelming .

Luckily, Feng Wu had been here last night to explore the place, and she knew the layout of the Yan manor by heart .

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“Take a left turn here, then turn right after 500 meters . Walk for another 1000 meters, then turn left…” Little Phoenix could sense that broken star piece, and it guided Feng Wu toward it .

Before long, Feng Wu reached a tower on an islet in the middle of a lake .

“It’s right there in that tower!” Little Phoenix was thrilled .

The tower stood right in the center of Blue Lake . The water was limpid and the tower reminded one of an eagle spreading its wings .

Nothing obscured the line of sight and the tower could be seen from all sides .

Taking out the cold key, Feng Wu slid it into the slot .

She needed to open the door as soon as possible . All would be lost if she was spotted .

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Inside was one of the broken star pieces to save her master, and she would give anything to obtain it!

However, after sticking the key in, Feng Wu couldn’t turn it no matter what . Something seemed to be stuck and it just wouldn’t budge .

Why was this happening? Was it the wrong key?

Feng Wu was a little flustered, for there was no cover around and anyone passing by would be able to spot her right away .

Moreover, Sir Yan might figure out what was going on at any moment, and she would be in a lot of trouble if that happened!

But the key just wouldn’t turn!

Meanwhile —

Lady Tang had been taken inside for emergency treatment and the old lady was being treated for her leg, which had been injured in the fall .

“How’s Lady Tang doing?”

Mrs Yan was the most exasperated person here .

Although she didn’t like the fact that Lady Tang was having a baby —

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