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Chapter 356: 356

However, Mrs Yan had allowed Lady Tang to carry that baby until now, which indicated that Mrs Yan wanted it .

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After all, Yan Yan was her only child, and the Yan family needed a son .

At that thought, Mrs Yan darted a harsh look at Yan Yan, who was shivering in a corner!

How could she have such a stupid daughter?

Why didn’t Yan Yan realize why she had let Lady Tang carry the baby to full term? She would decide what to do with the concubine after the baby was born!

Lady Tang could live if she gave birth to a girl . If she had a son, Mrs Yan would get rid of the mother and keep the boy for herself . However, Yan Yan had just ruined everything!

Both Yan Yan and Feng Liu were petrified .

For everyone had seen that it was the two of them who had knocked over the old lady and Lady Tang… If anything happened…

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Yan Yan was too frightened to look her father in the face .

Master Bai was a guest at the banquet, and his services had been called on after the incident .

The old lady’s minor injury could wait, but Lady Tang —

“How’s Lady Tang?” Mrs Yan asked with genuine anxiety, fighting back her rage .

Because her own daughter was the culprit and everyone in the banquet had seen it . What would other people think of her in the future?!

Master Bai shook his head . “It doesn’t look good . The lady is bleeding out and I think we’re losing the baby…”

Sir Yan’s face was livid!

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“Maybe she’ll have a chance if Master Chu is here . ” Master Bai sighed . “But Master Chu is giving Her Majesty the empress dowager her routine examination today . I don’t think he’ll be able to come . ”

Sir Yan and his wife might not have good enough connections to get Master Chu, but —

“Feng Xun!” Mrs Yan rushed to Feng Xun’s side and took him by the arm!

“Aunt?” Feng Xun was looking for Feng Wu everywhere, and was bewildered by Mrs Yan’s sudden appearance .

“Go to the royal palace and get Master Chu for me now . You’re the crown prince’s good friend . I’m sure you can do it . Please help me!” Mrs Yan was so frustrated by her imbecilic daughter!

“But I’m busy looking for someone here . ” He hadn’t seen Xiao Wu after she got knocked over… Could she have fallen victim to a trap?

That girl was without cultivation, but so proud . What if someone decided to get rid of her?

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At that thought, Feng Xun ran up to Yan Yan and grabbed her by the arm . “What have you done to Xiao Wu?!”

Yan Yan might be fierce in appearance, but she was faint of heart . She burst into tears at Feng Xun’s harsh tone right away . “I didn’t mean it . Cousin, I really didn’t… It was all Feng Liu’s doing! She said she wanted to get rid of Feng Wu and that’s why I agreed to work with her . It was her plan! It was her plan all along! Sob — ”

Feng Liu was shocked . Yan Yan was blaming her for everything!

If she let Yan Yan do it, everyone would think that it was her fault . In the end, Yan Yan would walk away while Feng Liu would be in so much trouble!

Feng Liu raised her voice immediately . “Yan Yan, that’s nonsense! You came to me first, saying that you couldn’t let Lady Tang have this baby, or your status would be threatened . You prompted me to bring Feng Wu here today and to push her at Lady Tang…”

“Shut up!”

Lady Wang slapped Feng Liu hard in the face!

How could she be so stupid?!

How could she make such accusations in public?! She was going to incriminate herself together with Yan Yan!

Just then —

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