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Chapter 354: 354

There was no way that Yan Yan would let Lady Tang give birth to this baby . Hence, she decided to make Feng Wu the culprit .

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According to her plan, she would set Feng Wu up, get rid of the baby, and kill Lady Tang during the process, making Feng Wu the one to take the blame… That would be killing four birds with one stone, and it couldn’t be any more perfect!

Yan Yan’s eyes flickered and she nodded at someone behind Feng Wu .

What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

All of a sudden!

Someone pushed Feng Wu hard!

It was a great momentum!

Feng Wu hurtled forward!

Great! Yan Yan’s eyes glinted coldly!

Feng Wu was going down and Yan Yan would get her ultimate revenge!

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Seeing that Feng Wu was flying at Lady Tang, everyone opened their eyes wide in astonishment!


“Watch out!”

“The baby!”

Feng Wu grabbed Feng Liu when she fell forward!

For Feng Liu was the one who had pushed her when no one was looking!

The moment Feng Wu stumbled forward, she grabbed Feng Liu and threw the latter in front of her!

Poor Feng Liu . She flew out like a rag doll!

And Feng Wu had thrown her in Yan Yan’s direction!

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Seeing Feng Liu flying at her, Yan Yan raised her hands and tried to push Feng Liu away .

However, Feng Liu was so flustered that she grabbed Yan Yan’s hands and wouldn’t let go!

Feng Wu had almost knocked into Lady Tang, when she twisted her body at the last moment and missed the latter —

Crack —

Everyone heard the sound of cracking bones .

In order to dodge Lady Tang, Feng Wu fell to the ground and rolled away!


She kicked Feng Liu and Yan Yan, who were grappling with each other, and both girls stumbled toward Lady Tang despite themselves .

It was the worst day of Lady Tang’s life . She had yet to recover from the fact that Feng Wu had nearly knocked into her, when Feng Liu and Yan Yan smashed into her together!

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“Ah!” Lady Tang wailed!

“Zi Er —” Sir Yan cried out and quickly ran toward Lady Tang!

But it was too late!

Lady Tang stumbled back until she lost her footing and fell backward!

“Xiao Zi!” The old lady’s hands reached out as she tried to stop Lady Tang from falling . However, she tripped and fell down herself before she could reach Lady Tang .

Yan Yan and Feng Liu smashed into the old lady and Lady Tang together —

“Ahhh —”

All hell broke loose .

Sir Yan was furious!

He rushed over, picked up Yan Yan and Feng Liu with each hand, and tossed them aside . After that, he helped his mother to her feet .

Lady Tang, on the other hand, was ghastly pale .

Holding her plump belly, she was too weak to cry .

What Sir Yan failed to notice was that Feng Wu had taken something from him when he walked past her .

Little Phoenix’s thrilled voice rang out in Feng Wu’s head as soon as she grabbed that cold key . “Yes! I recognize that energy! That’s it! That’s the key to that broken piece of the star!”

“It’s not the broken piece itself?” Feng Wu looked down at the snowflake-shaped object in her hand and asked in surprise .

“Of course it’s not!” Little Phoenix flew around in circles in the ring . “I didn’t know that it would be so easy! Little Feng Wu, you know what? I know how to get you leveled up to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage if you can get that broken piece!”


“Really!” Little Phoenix flapped its wings in excitement . “Go find what that key opens now . That Sir Yan is so much more capable than you . The moment he realizes that key is gone, he’ll go berserk!”

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