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Chapter 353: 353

The others thought that Feng Wu would burst into tears and run away in grievance…

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But no one had expected Feng Wu to be bold enough to talk back to the old lady!

The old Mrs Yan was a tough, stern, and proud lady, and no one of her generation had ever dared offend her! But Feng Wu had just challenged her outright . Was she really a 13-year-old good-for-nothing?

In the area for male guests on the other side .

Feng Xun gloated . “See? What did I tell you? Xiao Wu is awesome! Just listen to her . Even the old lady isn’t her match, not to mention Yan Yan . ”

Feng Xun sat with all his buddies from the imperial capital .

Everyone looked at him in resignation . “Brother Feng the Third, isn’t Yan Yan your cousin and the old lady your own relative? Why does it sound like you’re on Feng Wu’s side?”

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Feng Xun darted the person a glance . “Xue the Fourth, don’t tell me you’re one of those who values family loyalty over reason?”

Xue the Fourth, the one he spoke to, was the fourth son of Minister Xue and one of Feng Xun’s buddies whom he usually hung out with .

Xue was baffled . Wasn’t Brother Feng the one who emphasized standing up for friends and valuing family above all else? Why was it the other way round now that Feng Wu was involved?

The others all stared at Feng Xun in bewilderment, not sure what to make of his attitude .

At that moment, Sir Yan, who was in the host seat, rose to his feet with a frown and had the servants remove the hedge between the two areas .

That way, they were able to see what was going on, on the other side .

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He then went over to his wife with a frown . “What’s wrong?”

Before Mrs Yan could say anything, the old lady exploded .

She had never expected Feng Wu to be bold enough to talk back . She wouldn’t have it!

“Kick her out! Now! Now!!!” Infuriated, the old lady thumped her walking stick loudly on the floor!

Many were giving Feng Wu strange looks now…

Sir Yan turned his cold gaze on Feng Wu . “And who might this young lady be?”

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“She’s Feng Wu, the fifth daughter of the Feng clan, and the one that destroyed her own cultivation because of her greed . ” Mrs Zuo smirked in a condescending manner . “I knew that she was arrogant, but I finally see how arrogant she can actually be She slapped Miss Yan first, then offended the old lady . Such an ill-bred girl . ”

Mrs Yan frowned . “It’s not like that . It was Yan Yan’s fault today . ”

“Did you just take that girl’s side?!” The old lady almost stuck her walking stick in Mrs Yan’s face . “Have you forgotten that Yan Yan is your daughter? Why are you speaking up for that girl?! What kind of mother are you?!”

“Mother, don’t be mad . It’s not good for your health…”

A pregnant woman who spoke in a gentle voice cajoled the old lady . She had one hand behind her waist and the other over her plump belly .

It was none other than Lady Tang, Sir Yan’s favorite concubine . She then turned to Feng Wu . “Miss Feng, my mother isn’t in great health and we can’t have her losing her temper . Please apologize to her . She’s such a kind lady that she’ll forgive you as soon as you say you’re sorry . ”

However, no one noticed how grim Yan Yan’s face was when she stared at Lady Tang!

Lady Tang was the old lady’s brother’s daughter, and the old lady had offered this concubine to Sir Yan herself . Somehow, after so many years, Lady Tang was still one of Sir Yan’s favorites .

Yan Yan had overheard a conversation once . Her father had promised Lady Tang that he would make her his second official wife once she gave him a son .

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