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Chapter 321

Lady Wang still wouldn’t accept the reality . “Maybe nothing happened between them . Maybe Xiao Liu is fine, right?”

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Granny Gui sighed .

Rising to her feet in a hurry, Lady Wang almost knocked a chair over . “I’m going to ask Xiao Liu now! Maybe she’s alright!”

Flower Butterfly Yard, Perching Phoenix Pavilion .

A tall Chinese parasol tree stood outside the building, its green leaves as clean as if they had just been washed .

However, Feng Liu, who was lying in bed, didn’t feel clean at all .

Lady Wang rushed into the room while Granny Gui guarded the door . Grabbing Feng Liu’s shoulders with both hands, she asked in a harsh tone and a twisted face, “Xiao Liu, tell me the truth . Did it really happen? Did it?!”

Feng Liu didn’t answer the question directly . Instead, she grasped her mother’s hands and asked eagerly, “Will Feng Wu tell the others? Am I going to be ruined? My reputation! Mother, help me! Help me —”

There was no need to ask any longer .

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The milk had been spilt!

“My poor Xiao Liu…” Lady Wang wept in sorrow and rage!

With everything that had happened that morning, Lady Wang was finally able to calm down by noon and proceeded to do damage control . One had to admit that Lady Wang was nothing if not a tough woman .

A rainstorm hit town around noon, and a chilly wind blew as the rain poured down .

The sky was dark and no one had any idea when it would stop .

Granny Gui arrived, walking hastily and holding an oil paper umbrella .

Because the gate of Fallen Star Yard, which had been broken a second time that morning, hadn’t been replaced yet, Granny Gui walked straight in .

Granny Gui held a sense of superiority toward Feng Wu’s branch of the family, and she said to Granny Zhao in a haughty manner, “Where’s Miss Wu? I’m taking her to see Lady Wang now . ”

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Granny Zhao frowned and said coldly, “Lady Wang doesn’t necessarily have the final say . Wait here . I’ll go inform Miss Wu . ”

After that, Granny Zhao closed the door in Granny Gui’s face, so abruptly that it almost hit Granny Gui’s nose .

Granny Gui was so frustrated!

Granny Zhao came back before long, closing the door behind her, but Feng Wu was nowhere to be seen .

“Where is Miss Wu?”

Granny Zhao said in an indifferent tone, “Miss Wu says she can’t be bothered to go out in such weather . If Lady Wang has something to say, she’ll have to come here herself . ”

That was word for word what Feng Wu said .

Granny Gui almost had a stroke . “How arrogant! Does Miss Wu have no respect for her superiors at all?!”

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“Miss Wu says if Lady Wang doesn’t feel like it, we can always meet another day . ”

No matter now exasperated Granny Gui appeared, Granny Zhao kept her composure, her attitude neither haughty nor humble . It went without saying that Feng Wu had the upper hand .

Granny Gui stormed off!

Flying Snow Building .

On hearing Granny Gui’s report, Lady Wang was so furious that she smashed several vases!

“How dare she?! Who on earth does she think she is? Asking me to go to her?!”

However, Lady Wang had no choice but to do as told .

For with each passing day, the risk of the secret being leaked increased .

Fallen Star Yard .

Feng Wu and Qiuling were the only ones here who knew exactly what had happened . Even Granny Zhao only had a general idea .

“Lady Wang is here,” Granny Zhao told Feng Wu .

Qiuling practically idolized Feng Wu and had stars in her eyes . “Miss, even Lady Wang has conceded, and you’ve just been back for a day . I knew it! I knew that nothing in this world can beat my mistress!”

Qiuling’s admiration for her mistress was genuine, for despite the quagmire they seemed to have been dragged into, Feng Wu had been able to find a way out almost right away .

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