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Chapter 320

“Feng Wu! I’m going to kill you!” Feng Liu drew out a sword that was hanging on the wall and stabbed at Feng Wu!

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The blade glinted!

Feng Wu tilted her head and easily dodged the strike . Grabbing Feng Liu’s hand which held the sword with her own right hand, Feng Wu smiled teasingly . “Are you sure you don’t need to put some clothes on before killing me?”

Those words were like a hard slap to Feng Liu’s face . Her head spun and she was too furious to see things clearly .

Feng Wu barely used any strength and Feng Liu fell back on the bed at her push .

Feng Yiran kept his murderous gaze on Feng Wu .

But Feng Wu wasn’t threatened .

She only darted a casual look at them . “Incest, how exotic . You had fun, then you try to blame it on me . Aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell everyone what you did?”

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Feng Liu gripped the sheets so tightly that her knuckles went white .

Feng Yiran thought the same thing .

He was considering the possibility of killing Feng Wu .

Feng Wu smiled at the look on Feng Yiran’s face . “You’re thinking about it, aren’t you? Want to have a go?”

She then recalled when Feng Yiran and Feng Liu had left her family to the wolves… Well, Feng Yiran was anything but innocent .

The more emboldened and cool-headed Feng Wu appeared, the more hesitant Feng Yiran became .

He recalled on their way back to the imperial capital when he had tried to deal with Feng Wu but had been poisoned . Although this unruly girl didn’t know any martial arts, she had more than enough tricks to make up for it . If he couldn’t take her down once and for all, things would get nasty, putting him in a very difficult position . Hence, he had to placate Feng Wu for now .

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“Let’s talk . ” Feng Yiran put away his murderous intention for the time being .

Feng Wu smirked . “You’re in no position to negotiate with me . Get your mother . ”

Feng Wu had everything planned down to the very last detail . Despite the unexpected episode with Yu Mingye, she had still managed to get the result she wanted .

After that, Feng Wu left with Qiuling .

“She! She —” Tears welled up in Feng Liu’s eyes; she had never felt so aggrieved before . She glared at Feng Yiran . “Why didn’t you kill her? Why?!”

“Get out!” Feng Yiran lost his temper at Feng Liu for the first time .

Flying Snow Building .

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After Feng Yanfeng carried her back to her room, Lady Wang made up an excuse of not feeling well and went to lie down . Feng Yanfeng had business at court, so he left shortly afterward .

Lady Wang bolted up as soon as Feng Yanfeng left!

Her pale face turned livid as blue veins popped out on her forehead!

Lady Wang felt like stabbing someone as soon as she remembered what she had seen on Feng Yiran’s bed a moment ago!

Granny Gui used to be Lady Wang’s wetnurse and was the lady’s most trusted servant .

She was with Lady Wang all the time . Therefore, she had seen everything the lady saw .

“My lady…” Tears welled up in Granny Gui’s eyes and she was full of remorse . She slapped herself repeatedly as she cried . “My lady, it’s all my fault . If it wasn’t for me, Miss Liu and the young master wouldn’t have…”

Lady Wang always sided with those she trusted . Even now, she wouldn’t blame Granny Gui for anything . Glaring in the direction of Fallen Star Yard, she said, “It’s all Feng Wu’s doing! She’s pure evil! I’m going to kill her!”

“But my lady, getting revenge requires patience . The most important thing now is to make sure that Feng Wu won’t tell anyone . ”

Fury had caused Lady Wang to lose her head, but not Granny Gui . She tried to talk sense into her lady . “Let’s bribe her first so that she won’t talk . We can always deal with her later . Otherwise, if word gets out…”

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