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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:28 PM
Chapter 322

Feng Wu ony smiled mildly . “We’ve startled the snake, and from now on, we’ll have to be extra careful . We can’t afford to lower our guard over such a petty achievement . ”

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The last time Lady Wang was here, she had been surrounded by servants, which showed how eager she had been to demonstrate her power .

But now, Granny Gui was the only servant she brought with her .

Even with Granny Gui holding the umbrella for her, Lady Wang was drenched up to her knees after walking all the way to Fallen Star Yard . Her embroidered shoes left wet footprints on the dry floor .

Lady Wang seethed with rage, but she forced herself to stay calm .

“I need to talk to you in private . ”

Lady Wang looked down at Feng Wu in a haughty manner .

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Feng Wu didn’t even stand up . She only darted a look at Qiuling .

Everyone left the room after that and Qiuling walked out last . She closed the door quietly behind her .

Lady Wang glared at Feng Wu, her eyes spitting fire and blue veins popping in the corner of her forehead . There was a murderous look on her face and she looked as if she was ready to tear Feng Wu into pieces .

Feng Wu sat on a mahogany chair decorated with carved patterns . A small red clay stove sat on the table in front of her and a clay teapot simmered on it . The tea was boiling .

This girl looked so sure of herself! Lady Wang was furious .

Feng Wu gestured at Lady Wang to sit down with a casual smile on her face . “We’ve only just moved in and there’s nothing I can offer you to drink . We did find a bag of tea in the kitchen this morning, but it smelled mouldy and I didn’t think I should disgust you with that . Try some tea made from Fire Chrysanthemum, then . It’s quite soothing . ”

Lady Wang glowered at Feng Wu . “What on earth do you want?!”

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Feng Wu played with a cup in her slender fingers . Her movements were so elegant and pleasing to the eye .

Her calmness only enraged Lady Wang further . “What do you want? Speak!”

Lady Wang was defeated before negotiations had even started .

Feng Wu darted a casual look at Lady Wang . “Aunt, I can detect a murderous intention in your eyes . Is that what you’re going to do to me?”

Lady Wang finally managed to let out a snort . “It’ll be as easy as stepping on an ant . Have no doubt of that . ”

Feng Wu chuckled . “Even you are doubting it yourself, or you would never have come here in a rainstorm . ”

That successfully silenced Lady Wang . “You’ve got a sharp tongue . ”

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“Only in comparison with you . ”

Lady Wang was rendered speechless again! She had been right! Feng Wu was born to be her archenemy! That annoying woman had given birth to an even more annoying girl!

Taking a deep breath, Lady Wang tried her best to cover up her anger . She decided to reason with Feng Wu .

“Xiao Wu, you should know better . If word gets out, your brother and sister will be ruined, but you won’t be any better off either . People will say nasty things about the daughters of the Feng clan and you’ll lose all prospects of marrying into a good family . ”

“And I can marry into a good family now? I’m the only girl in my extended family, but you have quite a few in yours, don’t you? I don’t have much to lose here and I’m happy with the outcome . ” Feng Wu smiled .

Lady Wang: !!!

Feng Wu went on smiling .

Lady Wang took a deep breath . “You have no proof!”

“Proof?” Feng Wu asked . “How about Feng Liu’s undergarment stained with her virgin blood?”

Feng Wu was bluffing . That piece of clothing had long been torn to pieces by that Fire Wolf, but Lady Wang bought it right away . Rising to her feet, she pointed her finger at Feng Wu accusingly . “You!”

“Do you want me to show it to you? It’ll remind you of your own son and daughter…”

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