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Chapter 30

Chapter 30: She’s Lying!

Xuan Yi half squatted on the ground as he looked at the battered and exhausted cousin before him. That eternal iceberg face also revealed some helplessness at present.

“You……” Xuan Yi didn’t know what to say.


Fairy Mu Yao’s pair of lifeless, soulless eyes fiercely changed direction as her eyes directly shot at Xuan Yi!

That glance was just like a resurrected zombie. Even someone as courageous as Xuan Yi was spooked!

“Cousin!” Fairy Mu Yao ferociously grabbed Xuan Yi’s clothes. “Cousin, she’s lying! She’s not a useless person. She can cultivate, she’s got some tricks up her sleeve! She’s not a good person! She’s a spy! Kill her quickly! Hurry and kill her!”

Xuan Yi remained silent, he wondered if his cousin had been overly terrified, that’s why her brains became overly imaginative.

Right at this time, Jun Lin

Yuan and Butler Feng arrived late.

Their clothes were clean, untainted by even a speck of dust, how did they even appear like they’d been in a fight at all? They only seemed like they’d been going out for a stroll in the garden before leisurely returning in a relaxed manner.

Fairy Mu Yao was currently looking at Jun Lin Yuan as she practically pushed Xuan Yi away. Her figure was as fierce as wolves and tigers as she threw herself over!

Jun Lin Yuan frowned as he avoided Fairy Mu Yao’s hand. On that incomparably picky silhouette hidden in depth, dark eyes as sharp as a knife’s blade, a cold chill suddenly appeared!

Fairy Mu Yao’s momentum was too great, directly took a fall on the ground, and was both in pain and angry, felt wronged as well as broken-hearted, and

and ‘wah’ wept loudly. “I’m not lying! I truly saw her used martial force, it’s she herself who pushed me into the pack of wolves! You guys look, she clearly fell together with me within the pack of wolves, but she hasn’t been injured at all, all of those Black Luminary Wolves came to bite me! All of them came to bit me ~ hoo hoo hoo~”

In the beginning, everybody didn’t believe Fairy My Yao’s words, however, when they turned around and saw what a good condition Feng Wu was in——-

They both fell into the pack of wolves’ grip, yet currently, all four limbs on Fairy Mu Yao’s body, even her face, bore marks where the Black Luminary Wolves had bitten her and scratched her. However, as for Little Fifth, besides bits of grass and mud dirtying her, she

her, she unexpectedly didn’t receive the slightest bit of injury.

This just didn’t make sense.

Xuan Yi was originally already suspicious of Feng Wu. At present, his suspicious attitude upped another notch as he grabbed hold of Feng Wu’s hand, his eyes frigid, like crystalized ice. “You’re truly a spy? !”

Xuan Yi moved, Feng Xun also moved!

Xuan Yi had just grabbed Feng Wu’s hand when Feng Xun also grabbed Feng Wu’s other hand.

Feng Xun stared at Xuan Yi. “What’re you doing? ! You know my Little Fifth can’t cultivate, yet grabbed her so forcefully, you’re hurting her!”

Feng Wu felt a warmth in her heart as her gaze subconsciously moved towards Feng Xun. At this time, what he’s concerned about was whether she was getting injured, and not suspicious whether she was a spy……didn’t she already say don’t treat her so well?

“Young Prince, so well?

“Young Prince, things having reached this stage and you’re still protecting her, she personally pushed me towards the wolf pack! She wanted to have me die, she simply isn’t a good person!”

Fairy Mu Yao rushed up and yelled.

Yet Feng Wu smiled faintly, her gaze coldly fixed at Fairy Mu Yao. “I personally pushed you into the wolf pack? Fairy Mu Yao, raise you head three times with gods as witness, as fellow human beings, feel your heart, it’s easy to be struck by thunder when you distort the truth deliberately like this.”

Xuan Yi’s gaze coldly fixed at Feng Wu as he exerted more force on her hand.

“Aah……” Feng Wu suffered pain, and uttered a muffled harrumph.

The veins on Feng Xun’s forehead were about to explode. When he was getting angry, an apathetic and aloof voice arrived——

“Let her go.”

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