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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Why Was She Not Bitten!

However, Fairy Mu Yao could guess the beginning, but did not guess the ending.

Just as she abruptly aimed to push the middle of Feng Wu’s back, Feng Wu’s right hand craftily moved in an obtuse angle, and pulled at her hand!

Fairy Mu Yao hadn’t even reacted when Feng Wu already beautifully rotated from her original spot, ‘bump’, both she and Fairy Mu Yao fell in the wolf pack and was surrounded by them!

Even though Fairy Mu Yao possessed Spirit Qi, and was moreover a fifth level Spirit Master in strength, however, Feng Wu’s success was based of catching her off guard, furthermore, she even used a powerful skill, what she totally depended on was her body’s strength.

Actually, Feng Wu could’ve turned around and throw Fairy Mu Yao into the wolf pack, while she then could borrow that force to climb up a tree, to escape unscathed.


she couldn’t do so.

Because Xuan Yi had always used a suspicious gaze to watch her every movement.

Fairy Mu Yao’s heart hated enough to die as she angrily glared at Feng Wu!

Unexpectedly, this repulsive girl plotted against her!

Indeed, without waiting for Fairy Mu Yao to scold her outloud, Feng Wu already screamed miserably screamed again and again. “Fairy Mu Yao, you already couldn’t outrun the wolf pack. Why did you want to throw me towards the wolf pack? Aah! Save me aah, save me aah, save me aah——”

That slim and frail body belonging to Feng Wu rolled around on the ground as if she’d lost her mind, and appeared to cut an extremely sorry figure.

Fairy Mu Yao wanted to justify herself, but she didn’t have time to make a sound, because practically every Black Luminary Wolf rushed towards her!

Fairy Mu Yao was so angry she almost spit out a mouthful of blood!


Why did she

she and that ugly girl fall into the wolf pack together, but the result was that these twenty to thirty shiny furred, well built, vicious Black Luminary Wolves purposefully focused on attacking her?

For what reason did those bloody mouths with sharp fangs only aimed to tear at her? Why why why!

What made Fairy Mu Yao now want to vomit blood even more was that ugly girl surprisingly was still crazily rolling around on the ground while yelling ‘save me aah, save me aah, save me aah!’

Save you my ass, even though you were surrounded by the wolf pack, the fact was that there wasn’t a single Black Luminary Wolf who cared about you at all, ok? They’re all after me, they’re all biting at me, ok? !

Fairy Mu Yao wanted to cry……

For, what, reason?

Feng Wu naturally knew for what reason.

Because on her body was the chemical compound made especially to repel the Black Luminary

Black Luminary Wolves. When she fell within the wolf pack just now, she had already deliberately smeared the chemical on her arms. That smell was an odor that the wolf pack utterly detested, that’s why they kept their distance from Feng Wu.

But Fairy Mu Yao didn’t know this and almost went insane as she was forced back by the wolf pack.

Her clothes was torn into shreds, her legs were bitten till they were filled with holes, her hair was as messy as a lunatic’s……how miserable was that, how wretched……simply wasn’t much different from an insane old woman.

While she was avoiding the Black Luminary Wolves’ bite with all of her strength, she was sobbing out loud. “Why do they all want to bite me, why don’t they go bite her, why do all of you want to bite me boo hoo hoo~ ~”

And at this moment, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi already disposed of the majority of the majority of Black Luminary Wolves. Once the remaining Black Luminary Wolves saw that there wasn’t an easy meal, they turned tails and left at once.

“Are you ok?” Feng Xun looked at the laughable figure before him, rolling around kicking her legs with her eyes closed while yelling loudly ‘don’t bite me, don’t be me’, and  loomily said. “Hurry and stop yelling, all of the Black Luminary Wolves are already done.”

Only then did Feng Wu open her eyes as her body sprung into a sitting position, pleasantly surprised written across her face. “Is everything ok now? Is it going to be alright? Oh my god! Can’t believe I’m still alive!”

Fairy Mu Yao already couldn’t even produce a yell, her entire body was injured, covered in cuts and bruises, drenched in blood, the top of her head looked like a bird’s nest, as she blanked out……that figure was simply dismal, miserable, wretched, distressed.

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