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Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Luck That Defies Heaven

“Let go of her.”

This voice, imposing and noble, ice-cold and aloof, resolute and powerful, causing people to feel a kind of reverence deep in their hearts.

Those present at the scene, without exception, subconsciously turned towards the direction the voice came from.

They saw the young man’s abstruse silhouette, clear pupils, noble appearance, an aura that’s even more incomparably formidable.

“Boss Jun.” Xuan Yi creased his brows. “Even though Mu Yao’s words shouldn’t be believed completely, however, the question she raised was still very reasonable, this girl, Little Fifth, is very questionable. “

Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi and strengthened his voice. “Boss Jun said let, her, go.”

Xuan Yi stared at Feng Xun with an expression that’s not easily dismissed, but no one dares to disobey Jun Lin Yuan’s command, even though he’s Jun Lin Yuan’s close childhood friend.


why he let go of his hand and returned Feng Wu’s freedom to her.

Feng Xun was busy pulling at Feng Wu, asking with a deeply worried face. “Are you ok? Does it hurt?”

Feng Wu indeed wanted to pretend to be weak, pretend to be terrified, pretend to be innocent within their ranks……maybe she wouldn’t have been good at acting out another character, however, she’d interacted with her beautiful mother for so many years, acting as a white lotus flower which attracts a person’s tender affection was something she had perfected.

The rims of her eyes were red, yet resisted tears with great difficulty. Dense mist revolved within the eyes, yet the tears stubbornly didn’t roll down……

The image of an ordinary, unbending, innocent, girl who suffered grievances immediately appeared before everyone.

Xuan Yi accidentally took a glance at Feng Wu and felt a sense of

of guilt emerge from the depths of his heart……could it be that he’d accused this girl wrongly?

Feng Xun was even more distressed, unceasingly glaring daggers at Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi unhappily said. “What I suspect isn’t wrong anyway. For what reason did those Black Luminary Wolves only bite Mu Yao without biting her? Don’t tell me that it’s truly because her luck defies the heavens? I don’t believe it!”

“What she depends on, is truly still her luck.” Jun in Yuan’s thin lips pursed slightly, his voice dark and deep, yet carried an unquestionable certainty.

“Huh?” Xuan Yi turned towards Jun Lin Yuan, unable to utter a single sentence.

Jun Lin Yuan didn’t talk at all, he only nodded a hint to Butler Feng.

Butler Feng’s year round cold iceberg face, thin lips slightly opened and said. “Miss Fifth Feng carries the smell of Floating Frost Night Grass’

Night Grass’ juice on her body. Second Young Master Xuan, do you know Floating Frost Night Grass is the main medicinal ingredient used to make the chemical to expel the wolves?”

Of course Xuan Yi didn’t know and also didn’t understand the method for refining medicines.

Butler Feng walked forward, pointed at the area of ground that Feng Wu rubbed against until nothing remained the same, he spoke neither quickly nor slowly. “When Miss Little Fifth fell down, she happened to fall on top of this clump of Floating Frost Night Grass and absorbed some of its juice. The Black Luminary Wolves are very sensitive to this kind of smell, that’s why they won’t touch Miss Little Fifth.”

Mu Yao was dumbstruck as she listened. “Butler Feng, so what you mean to say is that Little Fifth isn’t a spy? She’s only lucky?”

“Mm Hm.” Butler Feng replied Butler Feng replied with a cold and detached face.

“I don’t believe it, how can there so coincidentally be a clump of Floating Frost Night Grass here, and even was so coincidentally squished by Little Fifth? What kind of luck must this be? I don’t believe a word of it! She’s a spy! She’s the one who pushed me into the wolf pack!” How could Mu Yao accept this explanation? !

Feng Wu discreetly shot a glance at Mu Yao.

As a matter of fact, of course it’s impossible to merely depend on luck.

When Feng Wu pulled Mu Yao and rolled into the wolf pack, she already made successive arrangements. She grabbed a clump of Floating Frost Night Grass from her Dragon Phoenix Ring and crushed them under her, that’s all.

But this matter was something that, besides Feng Wu herself, nobody else could know about.

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