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Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Go Die!

Feng Wu asked curiously. “We’re being watched? In this Martial Lord Empire, is there still someone who dares to spy on Crown Prince Jun? Do they not want their lives anymore?”

Who’s Jun Lin Yuan? A ruler who changed the world, the empire’s crown prince whose power overflowed the heavens. Who dared to spy on him?

“Have you heard of the Dark Court?” Feng Xun asked.

“I’ve heard slightly.” Feng Wu nodded her head. “Seems to be the surviving members of the evil previous dynasty?”

“That’s right?” Feng Xun’s smiling expression vanished, within his pair of moist and bright eyes, there contained a trace of hurt. “The Dark Court has always devoted their efforts to overthrowing Martial Lord Empire, they previously set themselves against the current government. This time, we also don’t know how they obtained the news and actually secretly tailed us.

Moreover, they even brought a group of experts.”

In the darkness, Feng Wu’s eyes were very deep, very bright. “Are they even stronger than we are?”

Feng Xun said. “Based on our investigation, this time, they brought many elders whose strength are quite formidable. There’s even one who’s equally as famous as Boss Jun, the Dark Court’s heir, Yu Ming Ye, ……this time we’re in big trouble. Look at those packs of wolves. They’re coming out!”

While speaking, the Black Luminary Wolf pack already arrived!

Feng Xun’s smiling expression vanished as his face was flushed with a somber expression!

He leaped up high, sword light sweeping below, a group of at least five Black Wolves’ heads flew out and tumbled on the ground, smashing above Fairy Mu Yao’s head.

“Aah!” The originally sound asleep Fairy Mu Yao was instantly awoken, and abruptly jumped up from the ground!

Her whole face

face was covered in blood and she shrieked ever louder. “Aah ah ah ah ah! ! !”

Her scream immediately attracted the entire pack of Black Luminary Wolves’ attention, without exception.

Consequently, the pack of Black Luminary Wolves divided into ranks and squads, as they viciously faced and dashed towards Fairy Mu Yao!

And at this moment, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were both already stuck within the Black Luminary Wolf pack, which was covering the earth, too busy to look after her!

When he heard this scream which broke through to the skies, Feng Xun unhappily shot Xuan Yi a glance. “My Young Fifth hasn’t made a noise, what’s a fifth level Spirit Expert like her screaming for? If she can’t fight them, can’t she run?” Feng Xun lost a bit of patience with her.

Xuan Yi’s face was like crystalized ice, his complexion stern and bitingly cold,

bitingly cold, not saying a word.

“You even say my Young Fifth is deadweight, I think that cousin of yours is the one who’s actually the biggest deadweight.” While Feng Xun was beheading a group of Black Luminary Wolves, he’s jabbering and ridiculing nonstop.

Xuan Yi was powerless to retort even if he wanted to, because of this.

And at this moment, that small squad of Black Luminary Wolves already charged at Fairy Mu Yao!

Fairy Mu Yao’s face revealed alarm!

If there was only one or two Black Luminary Wolves, she’d still have the strength to handle them, but there were at least twenty or thirty of them now leaping towards her……what’s to be done……she didn’t want to die!

When she raised her head, she saw Feng Wu.

At once, a sinister look appeared in her eyes.

This unexpectedly being the case, then why not have this annoying, ugly person go to person go to hell. To be able to stop her from dying once, could be counted as this little girl’s lifetime’s biggest honor.

With this in mind, Fairy Mu Yao’s long, clever body was seen moving as quick as lightning as she rushed towards Feng Wu.

Meanwhile, she yelled loudly. “Aah, save me! Aah, save me! Aah, save me!”

Just when she was rushing towards Feng Wu, Feng Wu spotted the sinister look in Fairy Mu Yao’s eyes!

Not good! Feng Wu used the Phoenix Steps martial skill under foot. Right when Fairy Mu Yao rushed over, her figure turned and avoided Fairy Mu Yao’s vicious grip.

How could Fairy Mu Yao be willing? !

She hadn’t caught Feng Wu, yet during the time she and Feng Wu missed each other, she lifted her hand and pushed at the ferocious wolf pack headed for her. “Go to hell!”

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