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Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Change in Circumstances

Feng Xun unexpectedly even uttered ‘mm hm’. “If someone’s to be blamed, then only the Feng family can be blamed for being too greedy. Their family seldom produced an exceptional talent, yet was destroyed in this way, also truly pitiful…..sigh.”

Feng Wu inhaled deeply: Zuo Qing Luan, ah, Zuo Qing Luan, you destroyed my True Phoenix Blood, and even cried thief while being the real thief, spreading slandering rumors, wanting both the fame and the benefit. You’ve truly obtained every advantage, you’re truly extraordinary!

Thinking of this, Feng Wu clenched her fists once more, Immortal Spirit Fruit, she must hurry and obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit!

This evening was destined to not be a tranquil night.

Feng Wu wrapped herself in the thick blanket provided by Butler Feng and slept the entire time it took to burn an incense——all of a sudden, a danger which she couldn’t define caused her

to open her eyes.

Feng Xun saw Feng Wu waken, which was actually somewhat unexpected. “You woke up?”

“What happened?” Feng Wu gathered her blanket and sat up, how could she still be drowsy-eyed? Her eyes were as clear and cold as water, like an unsheathed sword.

Feng Xun was somewhat stunned as he watched. He surprisingly saw an ice-cold aura that’s geniuses possessed within Feng Wu’s eyes, like a corpse which climbed out of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood? No no no, his eyes must be deceiving him.

When Feng Xun took another look, he discovered that indeed, this feeling was no longer present.

“What’s up?”Feng Wu wonderingly asked.

Feng Xun rubbed his eyes. “My vision was just blurred. I unexpectedly saw a trace of an ice-cold murderous aura within your eyes? I surprisingly have this kind of misperception? I also couldn’t help it.”

While Feng Xun was watching Feng Wu stand up

up nimbly, he also saw Fairly Mu Yao soundly asleep wrapped in her blanket not far away.

“Just who’s actually the useless person and just who’s the fifth level Spirit Expert?” Feng Xun shook his head.

Xuan Yi saw Feng Wu following behind them, that handsome face hidden in depth wrinkled into the word ‘川’ between his brows. His ice-cold gaze scanned over Feng Wu’s body, then finally fixed at Feng Xun, his tone ice-cold. “Watch your person carefully, don’t burden the entire team.”

Feng Wu thoroughly understood that Xuan Yi’s words clearly were spoken to Feng Xun, but was in fact spoken for her ears. Xuan Yi had always felt in his heart that she was dead weight that implicated the group.

Feng Xun stroked his nose, his pair of pretty pitch black eyes looked towards Feng Wu. “How about you……”

In the pitch-black night, Feng Wu’s pair of eyes was very dark yet very bright,

very bright, just like bright stars shining bright in the sky. Feng Wu was just about to speak, but saw Jun Lin Yuan shoot a glance at her.

Feng Wu’s heart stopped, her back subconsciously stiffened, to the point the words in her mouth were swallowed at once.

Originally, she was going to say if they were attacked by a pack of Black Luminary Wolves, she had on hand, a drug that could expel the Black Luminary Wolf pack, so they could get rid of the wolf pack without expending any effort. However, she was suddenly aware that she couldn’t reveal her own strength. Especially in the presence of Jun Lin Yuan, she wanted to pretend to be terrified, pretend to be weak, pretend to be a useless individual……showing the enemy that you’re weak, disguised as a pig to eat a tiger, only in this way could there be an opportunity to catch the crown catch the crown prince off guard and snatch the Immortal Spirit Fruit from his hands. Otherwise, it was simply impossible for her to succeed.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu’s originally sharp, cold as the edge of a blade eyes instantly changed to alarm and at her wits end. “I……what should I do? Will I die? I don’t want to die……”

“Just follow me and don’t run around.” Feng Xun earnestly advised Feng Wu. “There’s not one bit of spirit force in your body. It’s easy to lose your life in a moment of carelessness!”

Feng Wu conscientiously nodded. “Mm, ok.”

“Eh? Where’s Crown Prince Jun?” She looked all around, but found that the scene, there’s only her, Feng Xun, Xuan Yi, and also Fairy Mu Yao who’s soundly asleep.

Jun Lin Yuan and Butler Feng were already gone.

Feng Xun stilled Feng Wu from behind as a trace of gravity entered his expression. “We’re being watched.”

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