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Chapter 274: Xuan Yi Was Very Bad

Feng Wu raised her head and once she looked, she saw Feng Xun.

Seeing Feng Xun made her think of the thing which happened at the bottom of the lake. Then she thought of Jun Lin Yuan and those words he spoke ran through her mind——

Feng Wu, please remember your status!

Liking me is your right, but please restrain yourself, in order to avoid causing me complications!

Feng Wu's originally calmed down frame of mind instantly again bubbled up in wild anger!

She knew she shouldn't place her anger on Feng Xun's person. Consequently, she glanced at him with indifference, moved sideways pass him, and left immediately.

Feng Xun had never seen such a cold and detached Feng Wu before. For a split second, he was frozen in place by the chilliness in her eyes and practically forgot to react.

"Feng Little Wu—-" Feng Xun knit his brows and immediately pulled Feng Wu in place.

However, Feng Wu then turned her head and nodded to him indifferently. "Let go."

"What's going on with you? Why is there such a strong smell of blood on your dress? Are you injured?" Feng Xun worried. "Near here is a mirror like lake. The water is so clear you can see the bottom, covered with dense fog. It's very beautiful. Go. I'm taking you there to take a bath and wash up." Feng Xun could have suggested anything else and it would have been fine. But mentioning Mirror Lake, immediately, that string known as rationality snapped in Feng Wu's mind!

"No need!"

After she stopped speaking, Feng Wu used force to push Feng Xun away and left panting with rage!

Watching that distancing figure that seemed to have ignited into a ball of flame, Feng Xun's face was filled with confusion.

"Did you provoke her?" Xuan Yi came out from behind a tree with both hands holding swords.

It would seem that such a serious, solemn young man was actually also a curious little gossiper.

Feng Xun spoke with eyes full of innocence. "I didn't."

Yet Xuan Yi didn't believe it. "If it wasn't you provoking Feng Wu, then why would she get into such a fit of anger? Actually, Feng Wu is one of those rare girls who speak with reason."

Feng Xun was between laughter and tears. "I really didn't provoke her."

"Then you confessed to her already?"

Feng Xun dragged Xuan Yi all afternoon and chattered on and on all about whether he should pursue Feng Wu.

"I actually wanted to——" Feng Xun smiled bitterly. "However, I haven't spoken and she already got angry…..after that, I was alarmed."

Xuan Yi stroked his nose. "Maybe she guessed what you wanted to say and deliberately got angry, to prevent you from confessing."

Feng Xun was somewhat depressed. "Can it be like that?"

Xuan Yi nodded seriously. "Of course it can. Feng Wu is afraid of rejecting you. You'll be put into an awkward situation. Therefore at a time before you opened your mouth you already hinted clearly."

Feng Xun ground his teeth. "Is it truly like that?"

Xuan Yi very seriously sounded 'mm hm' and spoke in deadly earnest. "If that's not the case then you explain. Why was her expression so unsightly? Has she ever treated you like that previously?"

Feng Xun was going to weep soon. "……so it turns out that she doesn't like me one little bit."

Xuan Yi earnestly responded. "Mm hm."

Feng Xun received a blow. "……."

Feng Wu had not entered her own family's tent when she heard voices quarreling inside.

Feng Liu coldly laughed. "Qiu Ling, don't you know the difference in positions of masters and servants, seniors and juniors? I'm telling you to scram. Are you still not going to quickly scram? ! This tent is going to be ours today!"

Feng Yi Ran's pair of hands rested behind him and did not say a single word.

Qiu Ling was so angry that her whole body trembled. She and Nanny Zhao placed Second Madam behind them to protect her.

Qiu Ling smiled coldly as she glared at Feng Liu. "Sixth Young Lady, this tent was a gift from Young Prince Feng. We already personally set it up. These sleeping bags were also sewn by us and brought here on this journey all the way from Northern Territories City. You merely open your mouth and want everything to be yours. Is there a justification in this world for what you're doing? !"

"How is there no justification? An owner wants the servant to die, the servant can not refuse to die! As a servant in our Feng Clan, are you of the mind to rebel? What big nerves!"

With a shake, the whip in Feng Liu's hand swung towards Qiu Ling!

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