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Chapter 273: Endless Road of Seeking a Wife

Wailing and whimpering, they ran at flying speeds to the extent of the soles of their feet producing wind, velocity soaring rapidly!

They looked as if they'd seen a ghost……

Feng Wu. "….."

Feng Wu rubbed her snow white, jade like, delicately charming nose…. was she that frightening?

Suddenly, Feng Wu felt a burst of heat rise in her stomach. This was heat that came from her dantian, could it be that——

An incredibly pleasant surprise appeared from the center of Feng Wu's mind. She found a hidden nook. At once, she closed her eyes and entered the state of nonself. Soon after, she then entered inside her dantian!

My god——

Feng Wu was almost stupefied herself!

She remembered that when she was inside the horse carriage this early morning, inside her seventh level dantian, only sixty percent of it was filled. Included within this was the one fifth that must be credited to Feng Little Tu's contribution.

But now——

Inside her dantian, after spiritual essence entered, it was constantly liquefied by the force in her dantian. There was surprisingly so much golden liquid that it was constantly overflowing.

This was……she could possibly advance to the eighth level spirit master right away!

Moreover, this golden liquid was not so simple as to only advance her into the eighth level!

It couldn't be?

What in the world did she experience just now?

Didn't she only kill several hundred silver horned boars?

Actually, Feng Wu did not know that when she was slaughtering just now, she entered into a kind of extreme boundary of the mind that many cultivators could not encounter in their entire lifetime!

Ordinarily, only someone whose state of mind had reached an extreme limit could be able to enter this kind of mode.

Either they were extremely happy, extremely angry, extremely sad……only if they reached the limit of their state of mind would they have the chance to enter this kind of mode. And once they entered this mode, there's no limit to the benefits!

Feng Wu didn't have time to dwell on it as she immediately closed her eyes where she was and entered the cultivation state!

She mobilized that constantly overflowing golden liquid inside her dantian and changed it into a tiny golden dragon like strand, which was set to circulate throughout all of the meridians in her body.

From her heart, it divided into two. One strand circled upwards. From the Kufang blood, it then arrived at the Fangying blood, going up the whole way…..straight to the Divine Phoenix Blood in between her eyebrows!

The other thread traveled downwards. From her heart, it traveled to her Buke acupoint. From the Buke acupoint, it then passed through Guanmen, Taiyi……from Sanyin, it turned and after it rotated into a loop, it once again traveled up from her lower leg and proceeded towards the Divine Phoenix Blood which resided between her eyebrows!

Feng Wu's Divine Blood and her dantian countered each other from a distance.

Leave from the dantian, go back into the Divine Phoenix Blood.

After winding and turning in a circle, the golden liquid was completely absorbed into every part of her body——hum——-the sound of spirit force undulating inside her body transmitted by her ear.

The eighth level!

She surprisingly already reached the eighth level spirit master rank!

A feeling of surprise arrived at Feng Wu's heart. After all, no matter what, she didn't expect that after advancing to the seventh level this early morning, she now again advanced to the eighth level——-

Even in those years, when she was known as a little genius, when high hopes were placed on her, there still was not ever a time when she continually jumped levels like this!

Ever since her master's Divine Phoenix Blood was activated, ever since she started to cultivate again, it had not even been one month. Feng Wu started from scratch, yet she advanced all the way to the eighth level spirit master rank in a mere few weeks!

This kind of advancement speed was impossible to find in anyone else throughout Martial Lord Empire, much less for anyone to surpass it!

Feng Wu deeply inhaled a mouthful of air. A proverb said it quite well, 'the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best (misfortunes could be a blessing in disguise). Her quarrel with Jun Lin Yuan helped her advance one cultivation level. Their conflict didn't count as being completely rotten.

However, once she thought of Jun Lin Yuan, once she thought of the things that he said, that nameless raging vein in Feng Wu's brain started to subconsciously throb again.

Jun Lin Yuan!


Feng Wu didn't pay attention to the silver horned wild boars covering the ground. She stood up and left towards camp.

"Feng Little Wu!" Feng Wu had just set foot into camp when Feng Xun's silly happy figure soon dashed towards her!

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