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Chapter 275: How Can You Defeat Me?

Qiu Ling was merely a level one spirit master. What she excelled at were skills at daily life skills. Therefore, this whip of Feng Liu's directly lashed at her fair face that shined like snow reflecting the sun!

Immediately, there appeared a blood colored welt on her snow white complexion!

"Ahh—-" Beautiful Mother cried out in alarm, so scared that she shrunk and trembled in fear!

Nanny Zhao quickly embraced her into her bosom, and repeatedly coaxed her. "Second Madam, don't be scared. Second Madam, don't be scared……."

"Where's Little Wu, where's our Little Wu? Boo hoo hoo——"

Feng Wu was her mother's pillar of support. Feng Wu was the firm mountain that she leaned on. No matter what she came across, the first person Beautiful Mother thought of was precisely Feng Wu.

Feng Wu had just returned when she saw Feng Qiu lash her whip at Qiu Ling again. She was even bellowing. "It would seem that you lowly girl still dare to talk back! In the future, we'll have you sold off! We'll have you sold to a brothel house! I'll make sure that you wish you were dead, yet can't die even if you want to! I want to see how you will still dare to talk back!"

Seeing that this whip was going to sweep over Qiu Ling's face——-

The color of violent rage appeared in Feng Wu's pupils!

It was unseen how she moved, but in the next second, she already pulled against the tail of silver whip!

There were altogether nine sections to this whip. Each section was covered with barbs, especially towards the tail end, the thorns were even more concentrated!

Feng Xun heard noises and immediately wanted to run to Feng Wu's side.

Jun Lin Yuan laughed coldly. "Come here!"

Feng Xun anxiously turned around and said to Jun Lin Yuan. "Boss Jun, Feng Wu is getting bullied over there! She asked me to protect her family. I have to go there quickly!"

Under the dim moonlight, Jun Lin Yuan's eyes were hidden deeply. His voice became even more chilly. "Come with me!"

If there was a need, Feng Wu could call for help on her own. Jun Lin Yuan actually wanted to wait for her to come look for him!

He wanted to snap off her lofty and unyielding character. Have her see this world clearly.

Feng Xun was unbearably worried. "But——"

However, just at this time, suddenly——-

A bang loudly sounded!

A human figure actually flew out of the Feng family's tent and fiercely crashed into an ancient tree not far away. The huge tree fractured from the force of the crash!

Feng Liu disbelievingly stared at Feng Wu, so much so that she even forgot to react. Blood sprayed from her mouth……

"How………how did you defeat me? Aren't you trash? Cough cough cough——" Feng Liu continually coughed out blood.

Just now, when Feng Wu made her move, she simply didn't use spirit force. It could clearly be seen that she was still a trash.

However, by relying on her body's strength alone, could Feng Wu defeat a level six spirit master like herself? !

Feng Wu's hand grasped that silver whip. Concentrated barbs shined coldly under the moonlight!


Of the people present at the scene, no one anticipated that Feng Wu would whip Feng Liu, yet that's exactly what she was doing!

Those heavy whipping sounds resonated in the quiet night sky.

Avoid the face when hitting people was an accepted principle however, when Feng Wu hit people, she hit the face instead!

Such a heavy whip fiercely lashed at Feng Liu's cheek. On that face which had the complexion of frosty snow reflecting the snow, a bloody mist actually flew out in an instant!

"Aaaah! ! !"

Feng Liu was both pained, afraid, and angry as she cried out in alarm!

"Feng Wu!" Feng Yi Ran could no longer continued to pretend. As quick as lightning, he made a move against Feng Wu!

However, just as he hand grabbed towards Feng Wu's wrist!

"Ah——" Feng Yi Ran's body instantly stiffened. A sharp pain erupted from the tip of his finger and leapt towards his brain, just like an electric current!

Feng Yi Ran could clearly feel that his body instantly numbed!

"Feng Wu! You——" Feng Yi Ran found it hard to believe as he glared at Feng Wu! One of his arms was already paralyzed. He couldn't move even when he wanted to!

Feng Yi Ran's strength was not weak. As the current chosen successor of the Feng Clan, after he used up no small amount of the clan's resources, at present, he was already bordering the spirit ancestor rank!

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