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Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Because She’s Beautiful.

“Because she’s beautiful.” Feng Xun said.

“She’s trash.”

“Because she’s beautiful.”

“She’s a……”

“Because she’s beautiful.” Feng Xun seriously nodded at Fairy Mu Yao.

After continually exchanging blows, Fairy Mu Yao’s heart almost collapsed.

Feng Wu anxiously immediately waved her hand. “No way, no way, how can he like……” Feng Wu stiffly suppressed the last word, ‘me’, and was able to keep herself from being exposed in the end.

Feng Wu stiffened on the spot——woosh woosh woosh——the gazes of people at the scene, without exception, all shifted from Jun Lin Yuan to Feng Wu.

Feng Xun: “……”

Xuan Yi: “…….”

Fairy Mu Yao: “……”

“Little Fifth Feng, you……and you still say you don’t like Boss Jun? !” Feng Xun’s expression was enough to raise a person’s hackles.

Feng Wu’s face was one of hopelessness as her forehead knocked on the tabletop, waving her hand extremely helplessly. “……You guys

can act like I’m not here, please continue getting back to the main point.”

What was the meaning of ‘useless to argue even with a hundred mouths’? There’s already nothing she could say.

Fairy Mu Yao glared at Feng Wu and discreetly harrumphed coldly. “Based on what? Tut!”

And at this time, Feng Xun already could no longer bother about Feng Wu. He rushed in front of Jun Lin Yuan and very excitedly, very excitedly asked. “Boss Jun, you haven’t answered me a moment ago, isn’t because you like Feng Wu that you haven’t annulled your engagement? Is it, is it, is it? Oh oh oh oh! ! !”

Jun Lin Yuan completely ignored Feng Xun and frowned. “It’s reversed.”

Reversed? Reversed? Feng Xun was highly intelligent. Crossing his arms, he complacently snapped his fingers and wore an enlightened expression. “I know! Boss Jun, what you

you mean is that Feng Wu’s head over heels over you and became insane. You didn’t have the heart to see her hurt herself, so you reluctantly didn’t annul the engagement?”

Who was head over heels over Jun Lin Yuan and became insane? Feng Wu nearly hopped up.

However, what Feng Wu found hard to believe was that that naturally kingly, noble and dignified crown prince, actually declined to comment and merely uttered an ‘mm’.

He, actually, uttered, an, ‘mm’!

How, could, he, just, ‘mm’?

Feng Wu’s pair of pitch black eyes glared until they practically fell from their sockets.

This one ‘mm’ from him actually hid just how many meanings?

From the side, Fairy Mu Yao really could no longer sit still as she bit her lower lip. “Why didn’t you annul the engagement? Feng Wu is a useless person now, she can’t cultivate, and will only be

only be an ordinary person in the future. She’ll turn old with time. In a short few tens of years, she’ll become a gray-haired old woman. Crown prince, you’re like a god. How can she be a match to be together with you?”

With regards to this subject, immediately, everyone sunk into silence.

Feng Xun was also somewhat emotional as he said. “At the time Feng Wu (Phoenix Dance) became Fei Wu (Crippled Dance)*, she was only eight years old. It’s truly a pity.”

Feng Wu raised her head and gave Feng Xun a quick glare: Fei Wu (crippled dance)? Fei Wu (useless person)*? What a surprise, her nickname had now become Fei Wu (crippled dance)? Truly unpleasant to the ear.

(*TN: Feng Wu 凤舞 means ‘phoenix dance’, whereas Fei Wu 废舞 ‘crippled dance’, while Fei Wu 废物 ‘useless person/trash’ is also pronounced similarly to ‘crippled dance’ to ‘crippled dance’ with only one tonal difference.)

How could Feng Xun know that person he spoke of was sitting across from him? Not only that, she’s cursing him in her heart at the moment? That’s why his innocent face was being glared at by Feng Wu.

Fairly Mu Yao smiled coldly as she spoke. “The Feng family spoiled everything by being overly eager, causing Feng Wu’s cultivation to accidentally go out of control. She greedily ignited her True Phoenix Blood, but in the end, became a useless person who can no longer cultivate. Who can they blame? Shouldn’t they blame Feng Wu for being too greedy?”

Feng Wu made a fist discreetly, laughing coldly twice in her heart.

So it turned out that the Zuo family released rumors like these to hide the truth? Overly eager? Accident? Greedily igniting her True Phoenix Blood? Huh huh!

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