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Chapter 268: Charming Scene Under the Water

Faint ripples undulated between them. One after another various coloured fish surrounded their entire bodies and were just like various colored butterflies dancing in the breeze, indescribably gorgeous.

However, Feng Wu really didn't have the heart to appreciate them. She only wanted to know when the hell the Feng Xun duo were going to leave!

She could dive, but she wasn't a fish. How could she hold her breath for such a long time?

The distance between Feng Wu and Feng Xun wasn't far at all. By lifting her head, she could see his figure standing there.

She hoped wholeheartedly that Feng Xun would leave a bit quicker, but Feng Xun——

He really didn't have the slightest bit of self-awareness.

Not only did he not leave, on the contrary, he even pulled Xuan Yi to sit down side by his side with an attitude of having a long talk.

"Half the surface is heavily covered in mist here, while the other half of the clear and crystalline water is reflecting the sunlight. Yin and Yang is actually harmonizing quite well here." Feng Xun found a comfortable position and sat down. That pair of legs were suspended in the air as they leisurely swung back and forth.

Feng Wu was damn anxious as she unceasingly shouted inside. Leave a bit faster, leave a bit faster, geez, you guys ….really!

Feng Xun wasn't reliable, but Xuan Yi should be possible, right?

However, in spite of everything, Xuan Yi was also led by Feng Xun to become unreliable. He actually followed along with Feng Xun and sat down, merely that he sat down cross-legged. His pair of legs had no intention of swinging back and forth.

"Xuan Little Second, what do you think of Feng Wu?" Feng Xun stroked his chin and spoke levely.

Xuan Yi hadn't even opened his mouth when Feng Wu nearly shouted from the bottom of the lake: think nothing of her except that she's just about to suffocate to death!

Xuan Yi had always been inflexible and serious. He asked. "What do you mean?"

"How does she look?"


"How's her temperament?"


"Her personal character?"

"Nothing to be said about it."

"Then tell me, such a good young lady. Why does Boss Jun not like her then?" Xuan Yi would not be able to obtain an explanation even after thinking about it a hundred times.

At the bottom of the lake, Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan's four eyes were facing each other.

Jun Lin Yuan wanted to speak, but then hesitated.

Feng Wu's gaze was too sharp. His eyes subconsciously avaded downward, but he inadvertently saw that her two full peaks appeared snowy white. For a moment, his body quickly tensed stiffly as hot blood charged into his mind!

Feng Wu followed the direction of Jun Lin Yuan's gaze downward, once she lowered her head, she saw her own soft and abundant fullness. For a moment, blood charged to the top of her head, as her mind became completely blank!

Oh my god, aah ahh ahh ahh——she surprisingly……she surprisingly was still stark naked even now, aah ahh ahh——it's too late to think anymore. Feng Wu pushed Jun Lin Yuan fiercely as she swam backward and quick as lightning, she took out a robe from her isolated space. She quickly wrapped herself up at the bottom of the lake!

Jun Lin Yuan turned himself around. Even though his eyes could not see her, his memory was damn good. That beautiful body had long become the picture most deeply engraved in his mind, firmly suspended behind his forehead!

Why was it like this?

It's not as if he hadn't seen naked young ladies at the prime of their youths before. When he had just reached the age of adulthood, there would regularly be those palace maids who climbed into his bed.

But he only felt nauseated!

After he pulled out his blade and stabbed a few of them to death, none dared to act blindly without thinking again.

He had always thought that he was disgusted with naked female bodies, however, that exquisite, delicately slim, beautiful body of Feng Wu's appeared in his mind and the hot blood in his brain roiled over and over……

He couldn't help but admit that her body was fatally attractive to him!

At the bottom of the lake, Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan were in an awkward situation, one was cramped and angry, the other doubtful and puzzled.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, however, were having a discussion.

Xuan Yi was somewhat doubtful as he looked towards Feng Xun. "Boss Jun really doesn't like her? Why do I feel that he seemed to have become a little different?"

"Boss Jun truly doesn't like Feng Wu, I'm telling you, I even asked Boss Jun before. I asked him if he really liked Feng Wu or not, when all was said and done. Do you know what his answer was?"

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