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Chapter 269: Angry Little Lion

"How did he reply?"

"Boss Jun said: Are your eyes blind?"

Xuan Yi was somewhat puzzled as he stroked his chin. "Boss Jun personally said this?"

"That's right, Boss Jun personally said it!" Feng Xun was resolute.

Feng Wu coldly and icily glared at Jun Lin Yuan. That pair of ice-cold, like sharp blades glare nearly pierced through Jun Lin Yuan's back!

Eyes blind?

To like her meant his eyes were blind?

Was she, Feng Wu, so lacking? !

Angry, indignant, hot blood pervaded Feng Wu's chest. She bit her lower lip so much that it nearly bled!

Her honor and pride told her that it's ok for Jun Lin Yuan to not like her, however, Jun Lin Yuan disdaining her like that still made her feel a kind of humiliation!

Crown Prince Jun straightened his back!

A straight body wasn't afraid of slanting shadows, he would take responsibility for everything that he had said!

However, when Feng Wu swam facing him and used that pair of moist eyes ** bright big eyes to angrily, indignantly glare at him, Jun Lin Yuan indescribably felt a little lacking in confidence. Those star like eyes shot a bewildered glance at her.

Anger gave Feng Wu quite a lot of courage.

The Feng Wu who ordinarily maintained a reverent heart towards Jun Lin Yuan now fiercely charged forward and pulled both of Jun Lin Yuan's arms as she glowered at him!

Jun Lin Yuan's eyes continued to skirt around. He inwardly made a fist. His heart already dragged Feng Xun's name onto his blacklist.

However, the pitiful Feng Xun was still completely clueless. He was even adding oil and vinegar to his narration: "However, Feng Wu didn't know that Boss Jun loathed her. Sigh, she's so attentive towards Boss Jun, simply treating him with deep rooted passion, how can I have the heart to tell her these words of his? Therefore, I can only hint time and time again for her to give up on him. However, this silly girl is still quite strongly attached to him and won't let go."

Feng Wu. "! ! !"

What the hell? When had she ever treated Jun Lin Yuan with deeply rooted passion? When had she ever clung to him without letting go? She basically had not even gotten started, alright, Young Prince Feng?

Jun Lin Yuan's originally evasive eyes steadied once more and focused on Feng Wu's face.

That pair of calm and confident eyes contained a trace of rumination in addition to the arrogance of a person occupying a higher position.

Feng Wu. "! ! !"

Jun Lin Yuan truly thought that she had deeply rooted feelings towards him. That's why he felt secure backed by this knowledge? !

Feng Wu had always been a person who was clever and eloquent, adept at attacking with words. How could she stand getting made fun of to her face by Jun Lin Yuan at this moment?

At once, her body violently charged forward, just like a little cheetah, using her head to knock against Jun Lin Yuan's.

Why would Feng Wu do such an irrational thing?

Actually, she also didn't know. She only knew that she was very angry, yet there was no way to speak at the bottom of the lake. Women were illogical to begin with. She was a woman who had been humiliated and provoked to the point that she lost her rationality, what logic was there left to speak of?

Feng Wu was like a little lion as she charged into Jun Lin Yuan!

That thrust actually exerted all of her strength!

Jun Lin Yuan subconsciously turned sideways, to the extent that Feng Wu resembled Ultraman as she charged forwards the whole way through!

But in front of her was that huge rock Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were sitting on, which penetrated into the bottom of the lake!

Not to mention whether this strike would cause a noise, with this hit, Feng Wu's head would probably be cracked open!

Worry appeared in Jun Lin Yuan's eyes as his lanky, powerful right hand pulled at Feng Wu's left leg. Due to his anxiousness, the strength he used was somewhat excessively fierce!


With a slight noise, Feng Wu's head knocked into the pit of Jun Lin Yuan's stomach.

A suppressed hum sounded from Jun Lin Yuan's mouth.

Previously, when he was at Winding Peace City, Jun Lin Yuan was summoning the rain in the mountains. His spirit force was used up and even overdrawn a long time ago. His body's defensive capability was so low that it was just like a very, very thin, brittle skin. This knock only felt like the ribs in his thoracic cavity was on the verge of falling apart.

"Eh? Did you hear some kind of noise?" Xuan Yi frowned slightly.

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