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Chapter 267: Ah Ah Ah——Little Distinct Fire Grew Bigger!

"Would that be good?" Feng Yi Ran knitted his brows.

"What's not good about it?" Feng Liu laughed coldly. "Do you think that after Feng Wu returns to our clan alive, she'd speak well of us? She'll complain to our paternal grandmother! Therefore, we should strike first to gain the upper hand. It's because she forced us to do this!"

Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu were discussing how to vilify Feng Wu by a stream feeding the lake. There's no way that they could've ever think that the person they were vilifying was actually hiding behind a rock not far away. She heard everything extremely - clearly to boot.

Actually, Feng Wu's temper wasn't that good. She nearly almost popped up from the lake water.

However, that strong and powerful left arm of Jun Lin Yuan's embraced her slim body. His lanky right hand passed through her hair and covered the back of her head to confine her while he seized her soft lips and kept them in place.

Only his distinctive invading breath pervaded her surroundings.

Feng Wu's pair of hands pressed against Jun Lin Yuan's strong pectoral muscles. She defiantly pushed him away. However, in the presence of Jun Lin Yuan's strength, hers almost seemed the same as an ant's, completely unable to shake him.

What's even more annoying was that inside her isolated space, the rainbow phoenix unexpectedly became stirred up!

It excitedly spun in the air and chattered continually!

"Ah ah ah——ah ah ah——the little Distinct Fire is growing! The Distinct Fire is growing!" The rainbow phoenix didn't know exactly what was happening outside. It only knew that the very small ball of flame suddenly became a bit bigger. Therefore, it was crazily excited.

Feng Wu wanted to cry but had no tears. "……"

With great difficulty, Feng Liu and Feng Yi Ran left. Feng Wu thought that Jun Lin Yuan would finally let go of her…right?

However——in the next second, yet another voice sounded!

Feng Xun stood by the shore of a gurgling feeding stream and turned towards the tranquil, rippleless mirror like lake. A hint of suspicion appeared in his eyes as he asked Xuan Yi. "Didn't Boss Jun say that he'll come to Mirror Lake to cultivate? How come we don't even see a shadow of him?"

Xuan Yi was full of doubt. "Could he be behind the rock?"

Having heard this, Feng Wu instantly sprung her eyes open!

That pair of clever eyes, moist with watery light, floated in watery light.

Jun Lin Yuan also opened his eyes at the same time. That pair of eyes so deep the bottom couldn't be seen ruthlessly stared at Feng Wu at the moment. He fixed his gaze on her without blinking for a moment.

Two burning hot flames leapt in within his eyes, nearly setting her on fire!

His deep eyes seemed to contain thunder and lightning.

Feng Wu was locked in place by him, skin touching skin, and felt as if she was getting burned!

Scalding like an electric current!

Confronting that pair of violently surging, fiery eyes, Feng Wu was stifled at close range. Her brain instantly blanked out again. Her heartbeat was so fast, her heart was practically jumping out.

Like this, just as the the parties involved were fixing burning hot gazes on each other, Feng Xun's voice sounded even as he and Xuan Yi unexpectedly were rushing towards this piece of rock from the sky!

Feng Wu immediately became anxious!

That's actually Feng Xun!

Previously, Feng Xun had thoroughly misunderstood that she wrapped herself around Jun Lin Yuan. If he saw this scene before him, how could he not take it to be true?

In the future, could she still explain things clearly to him?

Seeing Jun Lin Yuan almost step out——

Feng Wu gave a jump and somehow strength burst forth as she ferociously pulled Jun Lin Yuan's body in place and with a powerful strength that emerged, she submerged his entire body into the bottom of the lake!

Jun Lin Yuan didn't question her and so he was pulled to the bottom of the very deep lake in this way—-

The duo, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, stood on top of a narrow rock as they observed all around them, yet didn't find any ripple whatsoever. They couldn't help but expose a disappointed expression.

Feng Xun was still unwilling to give up as he yelled towards the lake. "Boss Jun? Boss Jun? !"

However, nobody responded to him.

A disappointed look appeared on Feng Xun's face. "It seems Boss Jun is really not here. If not, he wouldn't have not appeared."

Xuan Yi didn't comment.

The lake bottom.

The Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan duo opened their eyes wide as they looked at each other in dismay——

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