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Chapter 266: Jun Lin Yuan! ! !

Jun Lin Yuan's hot blood abruptly charged into his forehead, his mouth mumbling repeatedly: "rude, don't look, rude, don't look, rude, don't look……"

However, Jun Lin Yuan discovered an extremely serious matter.

He wasn't the least bit interested in other women's naked bodies. However, as far as the brilliant new spring before his eyes was concerned, why was it that he……couldn't help but want to open his eyes?

He must have fallen ill!

"Elder Brother, did you really receive news that Winding Peace City hasn't been destroyed?" Feng Wu was very familiar with this voice.

Feng Liu?

Surprisingly, meeting her here?

Feng Wu's brows puckered slightly. An unexpected color appeared within that pair of moist and clever eyes.

Previously, when Winding Peace City was besieged by demonic beasts, Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu suddenly disappeared. With a look, Feng Wu knew that these two people must've feared death, so they escaped privately.

Now that Winding Peace City's crisis had been removed, these two people actually ran back again.

But Feng Wu certainly didn't want to meet this brother and sister under this kind of current condition. She creased her eyebrows as she waved a hand and put away her clothes into the isolated space.

Soon after, her as white as snow body submerged under the water as slender and long, full legs swam forward, producing ripples in the water. In an instant, Feng Wu arrived behind that very tall rock.

She'd wait until Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu left before she came out, that's what Feng Wu was thinking inside.

However, Feng Wu had just moved around behind the huge rock when——

Instantly, her entire body was stunned!

"! ! !" Feng Wu was so astonished that her eyeballs almost fell out from staring!

Jun Lin Yuan!

Jun Lin Yuan!

Jun Lin Yuan!

Feng Wu felt as if she'd been struck by lightning in the sky. Her entire body was frozen at that place. Her brain completely blanked out……

Just when Feng Wu nearly shouted out loud, Jun Lin Yuan already crossed over!

Exactly when Feng Wu still hadn't been able to react, he already easily and smoothly snatched Feng Wu's breath away!

To the extent that Feng Wu's original startled shout completely fell into his mouth.

Feng Wu's formerly spaced out brain was even more conspicuously blanked out at the moment——

Feng Liu and Feng Yi Ran's voices transmitted by her ear.

Feng Liu said. "Elder Brother, how about we just return to Winding Peace City?"

Feng Yi Ran knitted his brows. "Do you think that things are so simple? After we return, how are you going to explain why we disappeared for several days?"

Feng Liu. "However, according to the news, Crown Prince Jun's whole group of people are at Winding Peace City. Elder Brother, haven't you always wholeheartedly want to connect with Crown Prince Jun? Are you going to pass such a good opportunity by?"

Feng Yi Ran: "But……"

Feng Liu. "Elder Brother, you also know that after Crown Prince Jun and company return to the capital, wanting to meet him will be as difficult as ascending to heaven. Elder Brother, you are already halfway there, don't tell me that you are truly going to give up midway?"

Feng Yi Ran. "If Crown Prince Jun were to ask why, when Winding Peace City was facing a crisis, we were not there, how do we explain that?"

How could Feng Yi Ran not want to return? How could he not know that once they returned to the imperial capital, that place with strict social divisions, he would no longer be able to even take a glance at Crown Prince Jun.

This was exactly what was meant by a stupid person might find a method after thinking through one thousand ways. Feng Liu currently was precisely that 'stupid' person aforementioned.

It could be seen that she was clenching her fists tightly. "We'll just say that at the time, something happened. We were trapped at Death Canyon and couldn't come out. That's right! Elder Brother! We'll just say that at the time, we were trapped by Feng Wu. She wanted to make a sinister move to kill us in secret and didn't expect that in the end, we were able to escape!"

Was Feng Yi Ran truly unable to think of this method?

Certainly not.

However, this person had never used his own mouth to personally speak of his schemes, nor had he, himself, possibly make sinister moves. He would only constantly hint to others and used other people while he preserved his own pure, kind hearted, and friendly image.

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