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Chapter 265: Was Seen!!!

In the crystal clear lake water, there were strange, tall craggy rocks which pierced through the water's surface from time to time, giving people a pristine feeling.

The setting around the lake was surrounded by even taller rocks, very much like it was a natural barrier, giving people a sense of security.

It was completely quiet all around. There wasn't even the sound of insects and birds, not to mention people.

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth curved into a faint arc as she undressed using her slender, jade like fingers. She took off her outer robe steeped in sweat and placed it on a rock to the side. After that, the short coated skirt, headband, shoes and socks……and finally, Feng Wu's thin and tender body was only wrapped in a very thin pink front undergarment and a little pair of underpants.

However, what Feng Wu didn't know was that…….!

Currently, inside this mirror like lake, there wasn't merely her alone!

Behind a rock, there was also a young man. His name was Jun Lin Yuan.

Jun Lin Yuan had always had an obsession with cleanliness. Yesterday, because he was injured, he wasn't able to take a bath under Feng Xun's watch. Therefore, after he got off the horse just now, he then automatically went to find this Mirror Lake.

Cultivating in the water was a recent habit of his.

He had just completed a small period of cultivation just now when he heard a burst of distracting rustling noises. On Crown Prince Jun's finely outlined handsome face, his eyes were like the sharp, cold edge of a blade as they flashed by.

Who dared to disturb his cultivation?

An ice-cold murderous aura was even produced. But Crown Prince Jun then saw a scene that made his blood vessels dilate!

A young lady was facing his direction, cleanly devoid of clothing.

Very quickly, the slender and elegant, spotlessly white body appeared before him.

A young lady's slim and straight pair of legs, fine, slender waistline, soft and perky peaks, graceful and charming, snowy flesh and jade like bones, delicate facial features shaming the flowers outshining the moon……when he saw that face, Jun Lin Yuan's eyes instantly opened wide!

Feng Wu!

It's unexpectedly her? !

Crown Prince Jun had always been calm and collected, however, at this moment, his entire body stiffened, tense, so much so that he was unsure what kind of reaction he should have.

This scene provoked him to subconsciously pop his eyes wide open——

What's even more frightening was that——

Feng Wu unexpectedly even disliked clothes too much. Her right hand pulled at the strings tying her front undergarment in place as she boldly threw the pink little undergarment embroidered with mandarin ducks into the water——

Jun Lin Yuan. "! ! !"

He subconsciously averted his line of sight!

His heart seemed as if there was a lump of fire burning inside.

Crown Prince Jun closed his eyes as his body slowly retreated, retreated, retreated again——

Repeatedly, until he hid himself behind a huge rock, before he finally exhaled a mouthful of air very softly.

However, his mind had continually lingered on that scene of Feng Wu boldly throwing her undergarment. That face as white as jade gradually blushed.

Earlobes also appeared an obvious pink.

Feng Wu totally didn't know that she had been peeped at. She took off the last remaining little piece of clothing, her underpants, and even very happily stood on top of a very tall rock. She spun seven hundred and twenty degrees then fell into the water effortlessly just like a fish.


With a slight sound, she caused small waves to bloom in the water.

Feng Wu was so happy that she was frolicking in the mirror lake.

She cupped some clear and cold lake water in her hand and sprinkled it down on her seemingly snow colored skin. Under the sunshine, her skin was as bright as the stars radiating luminous rays of light.

Jun Lin Yuan's face already became pink. He knew that he could not continue down this path, otherwise……he also didn't know what would happen.

Just at this moment, the sound of light footsteps arrived from a not so distant place.

"Elder Brother, you really received news that Winding Peace City hasn't been destroyed?"

Feng Wu was very familiar with this voice.

Feng Liu?

She surprisingly met her here?

Feng Yi Ran's voice also became clearer and clearer.

(Author's note: PS: Ah, ah, ah, Crown Prince Jun saw, he saw, looking for the shadow in Feng Wu's heart right now——

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