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Chapter 264: Picked Up a Treasure!

The little guy could supplement her spirit essence?

Moreover, the spirit essence (same as 'spirit qi') it supplemented was even purer, more dense, more penetrating.

Currently, the little guy was merely the size of a palm, yet it could supplement so such spirit essence for her, when it grew a bit bigger!

What kind of treasure had she picked up? !

The more Feng Wu thought about it, the happier she became. The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. At once, she hugged the little guy and firmly placed a kiss on its head!

Feng Little Tu's little face wrinkled like a little bitter melon, but it still continued to sleep while snoring.

Feng Wu laughed out loud happily!

With Feng Little Tu giving her a steady supply of the spirit essence that she needed in order to cultivate, her future cultivation speed would certainly be even faster.

Just at this time, a familiar voice arrived from the outside.

"Feng Wu, Feng Little Wu, what are you giggling so happily about inside? Just like a little mouse."

It was Feng Xun's voice.

Feng Wu was afraid of waking up her mother, so at once, she held Feng Litte Tu. After she lifted the carriage's curtain, she softly and quietly came out.

Once she came out and took a look, she discovered that the sky had darkened. They would need to start camp.

However, things like setting up a tent could be done by Uncle Qiu and the others, therefore, Feng Wu only needed to hold the little tiger cub.

Feng Xun moved closer, saw the little tiger cub sleeping so soundly that it seemed even the sky falling wouldn't wake it. He was between laughter and tears at once. "How could the little guy sleep like this? Come, let me hold it——"

After he spoke, Feng Xun extended his hand.

But Feng Wu shook her head. "No, you don't know how to make it comfortable."

Feng Xun shot her a suspicious glance. Previously, he'd never seen Feng Wu value the little tiger cub much. Now, she seemed as if she was holding a brittle little china doll……

However, Feng Xun also didn't think much on it as he told Feng Wu. "This is the edge of a forest. A little deeper in would be the forest. As far as your family is concerned, night time is very unsafe. Therefore, tonight, we'll set up camp here."

Feng Wu nodded her head. This arrangement could be considered carefully thought out.

"Boss Jun is cultivating. Xuan Yi went hunting. It's suitable for me to fight. Your family is as weak as they come, as injured as could be. You don't need to do these things. Just sit and wait for things to get done, it's fine." After he spoke, Feng Xun then waved his hand at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu turned her head and saw her mother sleeping as before. Uncle Qiu and the others were busy by the side, thus, she just carried the little tiger cub and put it inside the tent. After that, she carried her mother from the carriage and laid her inside the tent so that she could sleep more comfortably, before she finally carefully tucked in the corners of her blanket and withdrew from inside the tent.

Just a moment ago, when she advanced to the next level, her entire body was covered in perspiration. Feng Wu certainly couldn't stand this, thereupon, she then decided to find a place to properly wash herself.

After she bent her ears and listened attentively for a bit, Feng Wu discovered that the sound of gurgling water could be heard coming from the the northeast direction.

Since there's a sound of water, how could Feng Wu hold herself back anymore?

She left instructions for Uncle Qiu and the others.

Uncle Qiu quickly replied. "Fifth Lady, please don't worry, we'll certainly protect Second Madam, what's more, Young Prince Feng and the others also didn't go far. Again, there's also the Crown Prince who's cultivating, therefore Miss, you can be at ease."

In Feng Wu's eyes, Feng Xun was't reliable, but Jun Lin Yuan was still reliable. With him here, inside a ten kilometer range, which demonic beast would still dare to approach?

Consequently, Feng Wu nodded her head. "Ok. I'll go and quickly return."

In her isolated space, Feng Wu had a change of clothes. Therefore, she didn't bring anything, and left towards the northeast direction empty handed.

The sound appeared to be very close, but under Feng Wu's estimation, it should still be about five kilometers away.

At a not distant place, a beautiful mirror like lake appeared before Feng Wu.

The light blue clean lake water was crystal clear. Above the lake surface, dense spirit essence curled about, just like an immortal paradise.

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