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Chapter 263: Feng Tu Tu Is A Treasure?

The fiery spirit force either permeated through the capillaries on Feng Wu's skin, or entered by means of her nose.

Whether one or the other, it ultimately would always achieve the same outcome through different routes and assembled above Feng Wu's dantian.

And at the area above her dantian was origin force from her dantian that was like waves.

Hence, the fiery spirit force and her origin force collided at the space above her dantian.

Water and fire originally didn't mix, therefore, it's not that the watery ripples wanted to overwhelm the fiery spirit force, the case was that the fiery spirit force wanted to suppress the watery ripples.

Both sides erupted fiercely as they pounded against each other!

Boom——water and fire ignited constantly and fused into drop by drop of golden spirit liquid.

The golden spirit liquid tumbled in the air on its own and dropped down into the thick circle inside her dantian.

Drip drop drip drop——just like turning on a faucet to the smallest degree and storing the water inside the sink……

Feng Wu could clearly sense that along with the gold spirit liquid falling into it, spirit liquid gradually rose in her dantian that originally only spread in one layer on the surface……once it reached the limit, there would be an opportunity to advance.

Feng Wu closed her eyes and kept repeating the routine of fusing the golden liquid.

This process of accumulation was difficult and arduous. For a lot of people, there was no way to advance even after countless numbers of years, Feng Wu's current advancement speed was incredibly fast.

If other people knew, they would all be stunned and feel that it was unimaginable.

Inside Feng Wu's dantian, twenty percent was filled, then thirty percent, forty……even she herself didn't expect that the speed with which the golden liquid accumulated in her dantian would be so fast.

But very quickly, Feng Wu's eyebrows faintly creased.

There was no more fiery spirit force in her surroundings.

It seemed that she had no choice but to stop.

Feng Wu let out a long sigh. It seemed that she had to think of a way to obtain some spirit stones used for cultivating. Although her cultivation speed would be a bit slower, it was still better than nothing.

Just when Feng Wu prepared to open her eyes, suddenly——-

Dense spirit essence disseminated from her bosom. Moreover, this bit of spirit essence was incomparably pure, incomparably dense!

The quality was so much better than the fiery spirit essence that she absorbed from nature!

Her bosom?

Feng Wu didn't spend time thinking more on it. No matter where the spirit essence came from, what's most important right now was to absorb this spirit essence, liquefy it, and assimilate it into her dantian.

This burst of spirit essence was also much faster to refine. It was simply a treasure!

After an hour, Feng Wu finally opened her eyes once again.

The golden spirit liquid inside her dantian had already increased to sixty percent!

"How was it so fast?" Feng Wu already felt incredible. She subconsciously lowered her head and looked towards her own bosom.

That last twenty percent of spirit essence originated from her bosom.

Once she lowered her head, Feng Wu saw Feng Little Tu laying on its side in her bosom, its belly facing the sky. Its furry little head was sleeping so soundly as to be unaware of what day it was……

Feng Wu smiled bitterly while rubbing the little guy's head. This little guy, if it wasn't eating, then it was sleeping. If it wasn't acting spoiled, then it was acting cute. Feng Wu had reason to believe that when it grew a little bit, becoming a swindler was absolutely going to be a cinch for the little guy.

She also didn't know how expensive the agate to feed it was going to be and also didn't know what kind of spirit beast it was going to turn into.

Just when Feng Wu's fair and jade like fingers ran across the little tiger cub's head, suddenly, she felt a trace of something peculiar. At once, Feng Wu's two hands held the little tiger up.

The little guy seemed to be extremely tired, when she held him up, his head was still tilted to the side snoring happily.

Yet, from the spirit essence that hadn't disappeared from its body, Feng Wu could sense that pure and strong spirit essence.

Could it be……could it be possible that……it couldn't be, right?

Feng Wu held the little guy a little bit closer. Sure enough, she could smell that spirit essence that seemed to be there yet not there. She couldn't help but open her eyes wide.

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