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Chapter 261: Right Now, What's Most, Most Important Is

"Satisfy your wish." Jun Lin Yuan's gloomy voice was deeply submerged and restrained. After he spoke, he then walked inside.

Feng Xun was speaking with great gusto and suddenly was unexpectedly interrupted by Jun Lin Yuan. At first, he didn't hear clearly. "Huh? Boss Jun, what did you say just now?"

"Don't you want to go on their journey with them?" Jun Lin Yuan's star like eyes were profound.

"That's true!" Feng Xun answered without the slightest hesitation. "Isn't it because I'm worried about Feng Little Wu? They are as crippled as crippled can be, weak as can be, ill as can be. Their only fighting strength, Uncle Qiu, is even seriously injured. Those strong and energetic robbers don't need to do much. With a single fist, that entire family will be done for. Isn't that cause for worry?" Feng Xun was somewhat hesitant. "But Boss Jun, your injuries, didn't we agree that you'll need to stay in bed for three days?"

Jun Lin Yuan's gaze submerged with restraint, expression noble and imposing, as he emotionlessly opened his mouth. "You even believe these words?"


"We set out in a quarter hour." Jun Lin Yuan gave the order coldly and imposingly.

Feng Xun was exceedingly touched as he gazed at Jun Lin Yuan, undercurrents circulating in his eyes. "Boss Jun, you're the best! Woo hoo hoo——" He wished that he could throw himself at Jun Lin Yuan and give him a big hug!

Jun Lin Yuan casted a displeased glance at him. "No need to go prepare?"

"OH! I'll go prepare, yes, prepare! Ha haha, I'm just going to go notify Feng Little Wu. She's going to be damn happy for sure!"

After he spoke, Feng Xun left at lightning speed.

Feng Wu supported her mother while her mother held Feng Little Tu. On the way, they unhurriedly looked towards the direction of their home.

There wasn't any ripple in Feng Wu's expression, but her heart stirred with excitement. She discreetly made a fist!

At last……at last, she could leave Jun Lin Yuan's group of three musketeers.

Finally, when she's on the road, she could cultivate freely. Finally……however, Feng Wu had been happy for merely minutes.

"Feng Little Wu! Ha haha, Feng Little Wu——" Feng Xun was as happy as a little butterfly as he darted over.

Feng Wu subconsciously turned her head and saw Feng Xun smiling so happily. She suddenly bathumped and felt not too well.

Sure enough, Feng Xun excitedly said. "Ha haha, Little Wu Little Wu, telling you a piece of good news! We're going to be traveling together for awhile! Haha ha, we can journey together with you again, so you don't need to worry about running into robbers and bandits on the way."

Feng Wu's entire face froze. "……journey together?"

"That's right! We're journeying together, we can even associate with each other! Are you happy? Aren't you glad? !"

Feng Wu. "……" Happy my ass, glad my ass……

Feng Wu wanted to cry but had no tears.

She wanted so much to be away from crown prince's group of three musketeers, even more, she wanted to avoid arousing suspicion, so as to avoid people saying that she climbed into a bed without getting paid. But why did Jun Lin Yuan and company want to go on this journey together? !

If it's like this, what meaning was there for her to leave two days early?

Seeing Feng Wu's dumbstruck appearance, Feng Xun giddily said. "You silly girl, so happy that you're stunned, eh? OK fine, I won't talk with you. After a quarter hour, our group will assemble at the gateway."

After saying this, Feng Xun ran away like he's releasing his joy.

Feng Wu. "……"

Since it's like this, how could she still cultivate secretly?

Feng Wu was somewhat vexed as she supported her forehead. She even thought that on the road to the capital, she'd be able to raise her cultivation to the spirit ancestor rank.

After all, the capital is the center of stormy, treacherous politics. The strong are like clouds, their power was placed above laws and decrees. A moment of carelessness could lead to imminent catastrophe.

Internally, there were power struggles within the Feng Clan. Externally, the Zuo family were watching them covetously like a tiger watching its prey……

As far as Feng Wu was concerned, currently, what's most, most important was precisely to cultivate. Cultivate, cultivate, advance, advance, advance!

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