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Chapter 262: Lacking Opportunity, Cultivating A Must Even if Opportunity Had to be Created

Sure enough, when Feng Wu's family's horse carriage came out, she saw Feng Xun's group of three mounted on horseback. Their appearance were totally laid back and unhurried.

Feng Xun saw Feng Wu and waved his hands cheerfully. "Here, Feng Little Wu, here!"

Feng Wu's heart was collapsing inside. Her cultivation, wah……

But on her face, she couldn't display this too clearly and could only nod her head at Feng Xun while she uttered 'mn', before she turned around and entered the carriage.

Madam Ning's body was weak and still couldn't set out on a journey. Therefore, Madam Yan and Yan Yan still stayed at Winding Peace City to wait for Madam Ning's body to be a bit better before heading to Peaceful Distant City to deal with Concubine Chu.

Yan Yan saw Feng Wu's family's carriage following behind Crown Prince Jun and company and was so angry that her eyes were all red while clenching her fists!

This Feng Wu kept saying that she didn't like Crown Prince Jun, but she actually waited until Crown Prince Jun's group set out then immediately jolted behind them right after. How could there be such a shameless person in this world? !

Yan Yan kept thinking about it. The more she thought about it, the more her heart became a boiling pit. The more she thought, the more she became sullen.

Clearly, she was the one who's Feng Xun's cousin. The pavilion closest to the water should've been the first to enjoy the moonlight and that should've been her. Why should it be Feng Wu?

She wasn't reconciled!

Yan Yan saw that there were several free range horses at a not distant place. Suddenly, her eyes moved!

Feng Wu didn't know at all that Yan Yan wanted to nastily prick her behind her back. At this moment, she was helping her mother settle down to sleep.

She woke up in the middle of the night. In the dark of night wet with dew, her mother's weak body nearly fell ill. The way her little deathly pale face looked made people feel who knew her distressed for her.

The little tiger cub lay in her mother's bosom, its plump little body with its tummy facing the sky slept with a mighty, heroic pose, making people unable to help but laugh.

Such a beautiful scene……warm and serene.

The main reason why she strove to become strong was precisely to protect the things she wanted to protect.

She hoped that during this time period before she entered the capital, she could try hard to cultivate to the spirit ancestor rank.

Originally, Feng Wu had this confidence, however, with Feng Xun and company as a variable now, Feng Wu suddenly——no longer had the confidence.

"Hey, Uncle Qiu." Feng Wu lowered her voice and muttered by Uncle Qiu's ear. Uncle Qiu's changed position on the carriage and after deliberately pulling away from Crown Prince Jun's group of three, Feng Wu relaxed her voice.

Finally, she could cultivate.

Lacking opportunity, cultivating was a must even if opportunity had to be created.

Because at present, as far as she was concerned, time was really too important, too important!

Feng Wu didn't have time to think much about it as at once, she sat down cross-legged. That pair of quick-witted, moist eyes closed tightly and she instantly entered the mental state for cultivation.

This was also one of Feng Wu's gifts.

For a lot of people, what was most challenging was to enter this kind of state of forgeting oneself and becoming one with the heavens and nature. Once one entered this state, cultivating was fast, but a lot of people were stuck at this first step. Usually, they needed to waste a lot of time before they could clear away distracting thoughts.

But not at all for Feng Wu.

Her mind was calm and her determination was good. Almost in the blink of an eye, she could enter a meditative state. Just this one point alone could already distinguish her too far from other people.

Within the meditative state, the first thing Feng Wu did was to observe her own body.

A few days ago, she'd just advanced to a higher level, therefore, at present, there wasn't much golden liquid within her dantian at all. There only seemed to be about a tenth.

Currently, she was already at the seventh level of spirit master rank. If she wanted to advance to the eighth level in a short amount of time, first of all, she'd need to fill her dantian full of the golden liquid. After that, she then could consider advancing to the next level.

Feng Wu clearly felt that the layer of light golden liquid inside her dantian was like a wave, as it rippled circle after circle.

Feng Wu inhaled a deep breath——

In the real world, fiery spirit force gradually filled the air surrounding Feng Wu, just like spirits dancing, flames jumping and turning.

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