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Chapter 260: Using Agate to Feed It? That's too extravagant!

Feng Wu previously chased after Feng Xun to ask several times, but he never answered. However, he was now gazed at by Beautiful Mother's pair of watery, billowy, soulful eyes. Feng Xun unexpectedly was unable to refuse to answer her.

He swiftly replied. "Agate, nephrite, or jadeite are all possible, but they must be top quality jade, rouge jade, or royal green jadeite. Within them is a strand of agate. After the agate is extracted and dropped into either water or milk, it'll then be good to drink."

Once Feng Wu heard that, she became flabbergasted. "Agate? It even needs to be agate from top quality jade?"

Feng Xun waved his hand. "Actually, a large amount isn't needed. At each meal, add a drop of agate and it'll be enough."

Feng Wu. "If I haven't guessed incorrectly, a piece of rouge jade at most can produce several tens of drops of agate, right?"

Feng Xun nodded. "Yes yes yes."

Ever since the little tiger cub's complaint to Beautiful Mother had been exposed, its face was like someone born longing for love as it heaved a sigh.

On that soft and immature cheek, there appeared this kind of completely changed expression which contrasted adorably in a difficult to describe manner. Feng Wu nearly was tickled to death. However, at present, Feng Wu found it difficult to laugh.

Because this little guy was a money burning machine!

Using agate to feed it? That's too expensive!

The little tiger cub restored its lovely, pitiful appearance and looked extremely aggrievedly at Feng Wu, afraid it's going to be abandoned.

Feng Wu felt quite helpless, sigh, because she truly couldn't afford it.

It's true that she was a great scholar ranked pill refining master, however, when she was very little, Master told her very clearly that the pills she refined could not be used for profit. These few years at the border city, Feng Wu hadn't paid any attention to the business aspect. Therefore, she actually didn't have much money at all.

Using agate to raise a little tiger cub? Her heart felt very pained!

Yet her mother happily said. "Jade? I have them, I have them!"

Because Beautiful Mother loved pearls and precious stones, whenever Feng Wu had the chance, she would collect these things to give to her mother, especially precious stones. Feng Wu gathered a significant amount.

But if used to feed the little tiger cub, then they'd become one use items, because precious stones which had agate drawn out of them would certainly disintegrate.

"It's truly expensive to raise you." Feng Wu poked the little tiger cub's forehead. "For the time being, we'll just raise you first then. Wait until we can no longer afford you before throwing you away."

Little Tu Tu was alarmed by Feng Wu's words. With a 'swoosh' it leapt into Beautiful Mother's bosom, hiding most of its body, only exposing that pair of nervous, exceedingly pitiful, extremely aggrieved, tearful eyes.

Beautiful Mother couldn't stand the pain in her heart as she quickly threw a glare at Feng Wu while gently petting the little tiger cub's head. She placated it in a soft voice. "Little Tu Tu, don't worry, we won't throw you away, we won't abandon you!"

Feng Wu. "……"

She massaged the space between her eyebrows, and looked at the color of the sky, then looked at her mother's conspicuous, slightly exhausted complexion. She shook her head while speaking. "It's not early anymore, not a good idea to return home to sleep. Wait until we're in the carriages, then Mother, you should take a nap."

As Feng Wu spoke, she waved her hand at Feng Xun, seeming as if she didn't see that person, Jun Lin Yuan.

Jun Lin Yuan pair of handsome sword shaped brows faintly pinched together as pitch-black like whirlpools deep eyes locked onto Feng Wu's rear view. The light in his eyes was deep, so deep the bottom couldn't be seen.

Feng Xun looked towards Feng Wu. "Heading out? You guys are going to leave?"

Feng Wu didn't turn her head around. As she walked ahead, she waved her hand at Feng Xun, walking confidently and at ease, walking straightforwardly.

A hint of regret appeared on Feng Xun's face. "What a pity, Feng Little Wu is leaving so quickly. Otherwise, we can also return to the capital as a group. Can't she leave two days later? On the way there, it's unknown whether she'd run into any danger? After all, within the tall mountains and dense forests, there are no small number of robbers. Last time, when we came, didn't we also come across——"

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