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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Title below

Feng Xun’s mouth hadn’t stopped. While he was taking care of Feng Wu, he was continuing to gossip. “At the time, Feng Wu certainly liked our Boss Jun. One time, she even especially dillydallied as she waited at the door to the imperial school until we came out before she tenderly and bashfully approached and handed over a Three Lives Stone before running away, ha ha ha ———”

Feng Wu: “……”

[It’s a misunderstanding! Huge misunderstanding!]

It’s a Three Lives Stone, that’s true, but she was helping her best friend at the time deliver it, Moreover, she’d also clearly told them that. How did it become a gift from her?

Could it be that at the time, Feng Xun’s group of people in the whole room was loud with laughter, their laugher

covered up her words?

Besides, how was she dillydallying, or tender, or bashful? At that time, she’s constantly practicing the Phoenix Steps martial arts taught by her master and her legs were wounded all over, how could she walk quickly?

Feng Xun was speaking while smiling, once he bowed his head, he discovered Feng Wu’s fist tightly clenched as she knitted her brows and became very curious. “Young girl, why are you so keyed up? It couldn’t be that you also like our Boss Jun and is feeling jealous, right? Don’t worry, our Boss Jun’s engagement with Feng Xun has already been annulled. They’re no longer related.”

Feng Wu nearly choked on her own saliva!

Jun Lin Yuan? Jeez please, she’d politely decline this name, alright?

Feng Wu hurriedly gestured with her hand. “No, no, I won’t

won’t like your Boss Jun, absolutely improbable——-bang———-”

Feng Wu urgently explained. While she was waving, because her motion was too wide, the amber goblet on the dining table was knocked over by her slim arm. Feng Wu anxiously extended her hand to grab it, resulting in her forehead banging on the corner of the table. It hurt so much her tears instantly gushed forth——

This accident happened too quickly……so quickly that everyone couldn’t react in time.

Feng Xun: “……”

Xuan Yi: “……”

Mu Yao: “……”

Jun Lin Yuan raised his head, his face’s handsome deep contours, his deep eyes glanced at Feng Wu, his thin lips opened. “The engagement wasn’t annulled.”

For a moment, everybody still hadn’t reacted. All of a sudden, Feng Xun fiercely slapped the table as he stared at Jun Lin Yuan. “Boss Jun, what’re you saying?

you saying? The engagement wasn’t annulled? ! You and Feng Xun’s engagement hasn’t been annulled? !”

Jun Lin Yuan replied ‘mm hm’.

“This isn’t possible!” Feng Xun’s attention was immediately distracted. “How can the engagement not have been cancelled? At the time, didn’t everybody say that the two of you annulled your engagement?”

“No signature.” Jun Lin Yuan’s pupils were as clear as water, the depths of his eyes were hidden and restrained.

No matter what, he gave people a kind of noble, dignified, alien, distant feeling.

Feng Wu’s whole body was stunned.

The annulment contract wasn’t signed? What’s the meaning of this? Did this mean that she was still Jun Lin Yuan’s fiancee? Oh my god ~ that can’t be? !

Feng Wu’s eyes opened wide in astonishment. She wished she could dash forward and grab Jun Lin Yuan’s collar Lin Yuan’s collar and shake him why why why!

Feng Xun was also entirely stirred up.

“So you didn’t sign in the end? What!” Feng Xun seemed as if he’d discovered the New World, ferociously slapping the table. “Boss Jun! Don’t tell me, you actually like Feng Wu? ! Is it really because you like Feng Wu that you didn’t sign at the final juncture? ! Right right? Heavens, how did I not realize that you actually like Feng Wu? ! Oh my god!”

Xuan Yi opened his eyes wide and stared at Jun Lin Yuan!

Fairy Mu Yao opened her eyes wide and stared at Jun Lin Yuan!

Fairy Mu Yao now managed to react, and yelled loudly at once. “How’s that possible? The crown prince certainly won’t like Feng Wu, she’s already a trash.”

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