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Chapter 259: What Does Little Tu Tu Eat?

Just at this time, the little tiger cub jumped out of Feng Wu's embrace and crawled into Beautiful Mother's embrace as it cried 'hoo hoohoo' and gestured.

Astonishment appeared in Beautiful Mother's pair of previously tear filled eyes. "Little Wu, did you give it the name Feng Tu Tu?"

Feng Wu uttered 'Eh?' in surprise. "Mother, how did you know?"

Just now, when we chose the name, you were obviously not here.

Beautiful Mother innocently gazed at Feng Wu while pointing at the little tiger cub. "It told me."

Feng Wu was startled. "Mother, you can understand what it's saying?"

The little tiger was always gesturing while wailing, but the little guy had only been born for several days and spoke beast language, who could possibly understand it?

Beautiful Mother innocently gazed at Feng Wu. "Sure."

"Then what did it say?"

"It's said Feng Tu Tu, can there be a more unsophisticated name than that? It even said to me, young owner is a scoundrel. It's not going to follow you anymore and asked me to spank you——"

Beautiful Mother candidly translated every single word that the little tiger spoke and cussed out.

The little tiger cub was stupefied!

It froze there as if it was struck by lightning!

It didn't expect owner's mother to be so honest!

Feng Wu was stunned. She was astonished not because of the little tiger's complaints, but because her mother surprisingly could understand beast language!

Feng Xun also felt exceedingly amazed. "Feng Wu, your mother surprisingly can understand the beasts' language? How did she learn it? !"

He originally thought that Feng Wu's mother, besides being beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, cry, cry, cry, she wasn't capable of anything else. He didn't expect that she surprisingly could understand a language that everyone else couldn't understand?

"Is this something that needs to be learned?" Beautiful Mother looked at Feng Xun in confusion.

Feng Xun appeared as if he was hit by a peal of thunder overhead and froze there.

Feng Wu immediately laughed ha haha, her mother answered this question really well! Simple yet sharp, hitting the bull's eye!

However, at present, Feng Wu's had another opinion in her mind. From her mother's appearance and manners, it could be seen that she must've been born from a respected and out of the ordinary background. It's unknown what happened that year for her mother to lose her memory and become stranded at Martial Lord Empire……if there's a chance in the future, she must help her mother find out the truth!

Just at this time, Feng Wu felt a scorching gaze lock on her body.

She subconsciously looked up——

Jun Lin Yuan……

Feng Wu's heart suddenly skipped a beat and subconsciously looked away, but after she avoided his gaze, she was again not resigned to it. Why did she have to evade him?

Thus, she again stared back, not to be outdone.

Jun Lin Yuan locked onto her gaze, full of interest, and stared without blinking for a moment. In the dark, he was just like a demonic beast in a demonic beast forest waiting for an opportunity to make a move. He radiated a deadly, dangerous aura.

Feng Xun watched the undercurrents surging between Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan and surprise appeared in his mind!

Incredible, there unexpectedly appeared on this earth, a girl who dared to looked at Boss Jun face to face!

Feng Xun followed by Jun Lin Yuan's side for so many years. He personally saw those girls posing in front of Boss Jun coyly or affecting shyness.

So much so that even that girl dubbed as the Phoenix Goddess, Zuo Qing Luan, under Boss Jun's intent gaze, she would still be nervous and shyly evade his line of sight, face blushing tenderly pink, head bowed, hand fiddling with that strand of hair by her forehead……

However, Feng Wu was unexpectedly so brave? !

At this moment, a thought suddenly appeared in Feng Xun's mind, actually, besides the part that Feng Wu couldn't cultivate, these two people still were a match made in heaven, what a pity.

"What does Little Tu Tu eat?" Beautiful Mother suddenly asked.

This question immediately broke the silence and awkward atmosphere inside the house.

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