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Chapter 258: You've Surprisingly Chosen the name Feng Tu Tu? Feng Tu Tu!

"Ha haha, Feng Tu Tu, Feng Tu Tu——" Feng Xun laughed so hard that he was tearing, and his body continually trembled. His words also became inarticulate. "Little Feng Wu, what kind of enmity, what kind of hate is there between you and your little tiger cub? You surprisingly chose the name Feng Tu Tu?"

At this moment, the little tiger cub's entire little face was lifeless and stupefied!

It originally thought that even if it didn't get a sovereign name like Jun Tian Xia (Lord of the World). It would at least be named something like Feng Jiang Shan (Phoenix of the country), or Feng Jiu Tian (Phoenix of the Nine Heavens), that kind of domineering sidekick's name. Unexpectedly, the name Feng Tu Tu was chosen?

Feng, Tu, Tu!

The little tiger cub burst out crying violently on the spot as its pair of paws tightly grabbed Feng Wu's sleeve, holding in tears, teardrops glistening, looking extremely pitiful……even though it had only been born for several days, the little tiger cub understood things even more profoundly than humans. If this name became fixed, in the future, it would be ridiculed at by other demonic beasts for sure!

It actually wanted to become the king of demonic beasts!

However, its young owner was too rotten as she kneaded she head and just won't change how she called him.

Just at this time, the fragmented sound of footsteps transmitted from outside as well as a gentle shout. "Little Wu, Little Wu——"

This was Beautiful Mother's voice!

The day had yet to brighten, why was her mother here?

Feng Wu ran out at once. With a glance, she saw her mother groping her way over on her own. Her body was fine and slim, weak and without bones. Her body didn't fill her clothes and seemed as if she'd fall with a puff of the wind. That face capable of turning over the world was sobbing with weepy eyes with a nervous, panicky expression, like a child who looked vacantly around not knowing where their home was.

Seeing Feng Wu, her mother quickly ran over as she pulled firmly on Feng Wu's hand, tears flickering in her eyes, miserable trembling pink lips like a leaky boat tossed against the waves. "Little Wu, hoo hoohoo, I finally found you. I dreamt that you were beaten by people, hoo hoohoo——"

In Feng Wu's eyes, her mother was a young girl who needed protection and pampering. Thus, she softly embraced her mother's delicate and boneless body, as she lightly patted the back her back. She coaxed her softly. "It's ok, it's ok. I'm so formidable, I won't get beaten by anybody. Mother, don't cry."

"Mm hm—-" Now that she'd found Feng Wu, her mother immediately calmed down. Those fair, flexible fingers holding on tightly to Feng Wu wouldn't let go, afraid Feng Wu would disappear once she let go.

Feng Xun and Jun Lin Yuan watched this scene before them, their eyes somewhat strange.

Although, when they were at the Feng residence previously, they already witnessed Feng Wu's beautiful mother behavior that was just like a young child, but it was still somewhat unexpected to see the way Feng Wu and her mother interacted currently. At the same time, there's also some envy.

Because Feng Wu frequently expressed impatience and displeasure towards them whereas facing her mother, she was instead tender and thoughtful, doting and cherishing her, exceedingly protective of her.

However, they had no choice but to admit that this mother of Feng Wu's……truly still absolutely colored the world.

Her facial features were already perfectly exquisite, one in a million, added to that her lovely, pitiable, weeping, benevolent, harmless, naive, guiltless appearance and really truly even the most valiant of powerful men would yield themselves around her soft finger……

Watching Feng Wu gently and tenderly coaxing her mother, within Jun Lin Yuan pair of pitch black like a whirlpool, deep, starry eyes, rays of light flashed.

He had never known that interactions between relatives actually could be so thoughtful and warm.

Feng Wu finally succeeded in coaxing her mother. "The night is dark and the fog is heavy. The day is still early. Everything here has been taken care of. Let's go back."

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