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Chapter 254: Was Her Little Tiger Cub Born With A Natural Talent For Acting or What

Feng Wu subconsciously turned her head around.

She didn't know since when the window had already been propped open. Behind the shutters stood a tall, elegant, jade-like silhouette. The bright moonlight reflected on his face, appearing even more splendid than the whole world!

Jun Lin Yuan——

At the moment, Jun Lin Yuan was using that pair of deep eyes with hidden coldness, a sharp, unblinking gaze that froze her in place.

Feng Wu saw Jun Lin Yuan, and her mind couldn't help but recall the kiss from before. She momentarily felt embarrassed, ill at ease, and didn't know what reaction she should have. What's more, it was also under the present circumstances.

Feng Wu. "……"

Originally, Jun Lin Yuan had already been brainwashed by Feng Xun and also felt that she had deep feelings for him. Even if she were to jump into the Yellow River right now, would she able to wash clean? But Feng Wu was still attempting a final struggle to plead her innocence.

She lifted the little tiger cub in her embrace and courageously faced Jun Lin Yuan. "The Little Tiger Cub is hungry. Even in the middle of the night, its hunger caused its body to cramp and tremble sweating cold sweat. I couldn't do anything about it and can only bring it over here in the middle of the night."

Jun Lin Yuan's gaze was as deep as a dark whirlpool. A burning hot flame skipped in his eyes as they locked unblinkingly onto her. His thin lips pursed slightly without saying a word.

Such a profoundly mysterious gaze along with his ambiguous manner made her unable to guess what he was thinking……

Did her believe or not believe her in the end, give a proper response, will you?

This kind of situation made a person feel very awkward, you know?

But unfortunately, frozen under Jun Lin Yuan's heated gaze, Feng Wu felt her own heartbeat speed up more and more. She couldn't think of a way to respond.

Clearly, she was a person that, no matter what the situation was, she could still handle it in a calm way. Why was it that with Jun Lin Yuan's whirlpool like, deep eyes fixed on her, she actually kind of became ill at ease and frantic?

Feng Wu couldn't figure it out. If Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan were allowed to continue facing each other this way, she's afraid they'd continue looking at each other until the end of time. The two of them both wouldn't open their mouth first to talk.

"The little tiger cub is so hungry that it's getting cramps and cold sweat?" Feng Xun quickly rushed forward, as both hands took away the little tiger cub as meticulously looked the little tiger up and down. "Eh? It's not. It looks very healthy. How is it cramping up?"

Feng Wu then looked down at Feng Xun's hands.


Just now, it even looked to be on its last breath as it covered its stomach and perspired cold sweat. The little tiger cub that nearly fell dead unexpectedly seemed to be vigorous and lively at the moment. It leapt from Feng Xun's hands onto his body, and again leapt from his body onto the top of his head. After that, it again instantly leapt from the top of Feng Xun's head onto the window.

Standing on the windowsill, the little tiger cub and Jun Lin Yuan's gaze met. Jun Lin Yuan's sword like eyebrows faintly furrowed.

The little tiger cub subconsciously took a step back. A hint of alarm appeared within that pair of vivid, spirited eyes!

Such a frightening young man!

With a 'woosh', the little tiger cub leapt back and hid in Feng Wu's embrace, only exposing that pair of watery, glistening big eyes, nervous with fear.

Feng Wu wasn't in a good mood as she poked at the little tiger cub's forehead. It was all too obvious that this little guy took advantage of the weak and feared the strong, right? !

It was that scared of Jun Lin Yuan?

Why was it that the little guy wasn't afraid of her at all?

Hoo hoohoo——Due to Feng Wu's poke, the little tiger cub miserably held onto the spot on its forehead that was poked. Gleaming tears appeared within that pair of pretty tiger eyes, pitiful to the extreme.

Feng Wu. "……" Was her little tiger cub born with a natural talent for acting or what.

Feng Xun used that very complicated gaze to watch Feng Wu silently as his lips moved. "……Even if you're looking for a pretext, don't you still need to look for a better one? The little tiger cub certainly doesn't know how to coordinate with you in putting on an act."

Feng Wu. "……heh heh."

The little tiger cub didn't know how to act?

This little thing nearly perfected acting, ok?

It had merely been in her possession for a few days, yet already bullied her with so many acts.

Feng Wu truly wanted to cry but had no tears. Where could she go to file a complaint for this injustice?

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