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Chapter 253: How Did You Become Like This?

Previously, the little tiger cub drank all of his milk. Feng Wu wasn't able to examine the contents inside, so she could only take the little tiger cub's baby bottle and go find Feng Xun.

Feng Xun, Jun Lin Yuan, and Xuan Yi were staying together.

Feng Wu arrived at the familiar doorway.

At this time, there was also no one guarding the door. Feng Wu saw that the perimeter wall was also not high, so she embraced the little tiger cub and her feet pushed off. Her body was just like a flash of lightning as she leapt over the wall. She turned and instantly jumped inside the garden.

Winding Peace City just experienced an earthquake. Most of the houses had collapsed, therefore, a great majority of people were living inside tents.

It's just that in front of her eyes was this most exquisite and gorgeous courtyard which was reserved to receive Crown Prince Jun.

The courtyard wasn't small, Feng Wu was a bit stunned——

Which one was Feng Xun's?

There also weren't any servants walking around in this mansion, so it wasn't possible to grab someone and ask them.

Feng Wu moved back and forth all over the place and when she finally decided to just randomly push open a door to ask——


Just when Feng Wu gripped the door handle, the sound of something heavy falling to the ground arrived behind her!

Feng Wu subconsciously turned her head. Under the bright and clear moonlight, she saw a familiar person.

"Feng Xun!" Feng Wu called out surprised. "So it turns out that you're here? I've been looking for you all day, you——"

Feng Wu hadn't finished speaking before Feng Xun looked at her with a look of extreme incredulity and didn't blink for a time while he stared at her with expressions which changed unpredictably, just like a seven colored rainbow.

"You——you——" Feng Xun pointed at Feng Wu and retreated two steps consecutively. The look in his eyes was filled with disbelief, shock and fright!

Frightened? Feng Wu failed to understand what's the matter with Feng Xun. She only came to find him for food to feed the little tiger. The little tiger cub was so hungry that it almost fainted.

"Feng Wu, you——" Feng Xun swallowed his saliva with difficulty before he finally slowly started to talk. "You you you——"

"What's up with me?" Feng Wu didn't understand as she looked at Feng Xun.

"How can you be like this? How can you change in this way? I originally even thought that at least you're different, that you would live honestly and morally, that you're not like the girls from other families. You you you……why do you want to do these kinds of things? !" Feng Xun was immersed in his own world as he spouted a huge barrage of words. "How could you also do these kinds of things? Don't tell me that I was mistaken about you previously? ! !"

A massively big question mark was affixed to Feng Wu's forehead. She looked blankly at Feng Xun with confusion. "Hey, Young Prince Feng, are you……sleepwalking?

Feng Xun glared at Feng Wu. "Your medical expertise is good. Do you think you can hypnotize me, huh? You've done such a thing. Do you believe that you can act as if nothing has happened at all, if you hypnotized me?"

Feng Wu truly was nearly driven into anger. "Feng Xun! Can you explain with at least something that makes sense? You keep saying over and over again that I've done something? Damn, what the hell have I done that can make you so agitated? !"

Heavens, Feng Wu really didn't know!

This kind of feeling of being misunderstood by others was really f*cking bothersome, alright? !

Feng Xun used a kind of……strange, complicated, difficult to describe gaze, to indistinctly cast a glance at Feng Wu. "Can it be that you're not planning to go crawl into Boss Jun's bed?"

"What? ! ! ! !" Feng Wu was truly shocked!

How could there be such an unreasonable assumption? Moreover, Feng Xun also believed it without a doubt? !

"Feng Xun, what in the world is your brain made out of? Mush? ! Me climbing into Jun Lin Yuan's bed? Are your eyes blind or has your brain been ruined, you're simply……infuriating me to death!" Feng Wu was so angry that she had to scream.

Normally, she was an incredibly calm and collected, an incredibly relaxed person. However, she had continually been flipped upside-down by Feng Xun with his misunderstandings. She truly almost could no longer stay calm and collected.

Feng Xun vaguely looked at Feng Wu, silently looked at her from behind. "……"

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