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Chapter 255: Lord of the World?

Feng Xun saw that Feng Wu felt so wronged she nearly cried and quickly said. "Ok, ok, ok, I believe you, ok? You truly came here on behalf of the little tiger cub. The little tiger cub was hungry, right, right?"

With this half-hearted explanation, he might as well not try to explain……

Feng Wu silently turned her face to the side. She really wanted to cry. "……"

Jun Lin Yuan's figure retreated back in and with a gentle wave, all of the fist sized night pearls inside the house lit up brightly.

His voice was deep and profoundly, as cold as ice. "Come in."

"Come in?" Feng Wu felt awkward just looking at Jun Lin Yuan right now. Her heart was even more ill at ease. How could she want to go in?

Just when Feng Wu was dilly dallying, Feng Xun already approached early on, one hand hugging the little tiger cub, the other hand pushing Feng Wu. "Go on, go, the lord of the world is drinking milk inside. It's just right for the little tiger cub to go inside and drink together. That saves me the trouble of preparing the milk for it separately."

Feng Wu saw Jun Lin Yuan and subconsciously wanted to avoid him, but thinking of how the little tiger would need to eat everyday in the future, did she really want to run over to Jun Lin Yuan's place everyday? At that time, the rumours of her wanting to wrap herself around Jun Lin Yuan would truly be spread.

Thus, Feng Wu nodded her head towards Feng Xun and followed his footsteps to enter inside.

Jun Lin Yuan wasn't far away. His pair of bitingly cold, like falcon eyes, locked her in place, again without speaking. Feng Wu really felt some awkwardness as she consciously avoided Jun Lin Yuan's boiling hot stare. Her eyes glanced inside the room in confusion, as if it wasn't as awkward this way.

The little tiger cub's nose was quite sharp. They just entered the room, and it leapt forward towards one of the corners of the room with a 'swoosh' sound.

There was an exquisite and gorgeous rattan basket there. Inside the basket was soft cotton wadding and the older tiger was currently lying on its stomach inside.

Compared to the scuttling here and there, lively and vivacious younger tiger cub, the older brother appeared more introverted, the ruthless light in its eyes looked exactly like a little king. Especially with that complete word, 'king' on its forehead, it was even more indescribably dignified.

In front of the tiger older brother, there was a white china bowl, inside of which was a translucent and bright liquid. It's unknown what kind of liquid it was, but there was rich spirit essence in it.

The little tiger cub charged over, targeted that white china bowl, and 'gurgle gurgle' drank it up.

The tiger older brother's eyes opened slightly, appearing somewhat displeased as it extended its thumb, pointed at the little tiger cub's forehead, and just poked at it.


The pitiful little tiger cub tumbled backwards from that poke.

But this child took note of the food and not of the strike as it crawled up in an instant and charged over again, drinking a big mouthful of the spirit water out of the bowl.

The tiger older brother knit its brows and, with an index finger, poked at the other's forehead again.


The little tiger cub's plum little body tumbled backwards once more……

The two brothers' interaction was full of violence, but there was an intimacy that's difficult to describe.

Feng Xun watched his family's tiger older brother having the upper hand and was suddenly extremely happy. "Look look, our Lord of the World's nature is exactly that of the strong. It had merely been born for a day and can already fight, ha haha. How awesome, how domineering!"

"Lord of the world?" Feng Wu slowly walked several steps closer and stood near Feng Xun, apparently very interested as she asked.

She clearly knew that Jun Lin Yuan was staring at her, but Feng Wu pretended as if she didn't notice, as if all of her attention was focused on Feng Xun and the tiger cubs.

Feng Xun simply wasn't aware of the colorful psychological drama Feng Wu was going through, as he put his hands on his hips and burst out in laughter. "That's right, our tiger older brother's name is called Lord of the World. Tell me, is that domineering or not!"

Feng Wu. "……"

"What's with that expression? Doesn't it sound good?" Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu's whole face was filled with aversion. "Who chose that name, so stupid sounding? Feng Xun, you must be the one who chose it, right? True, only someone like you, with your dumb talent can choose such an unrestrained name."

ps: It's name in chinese is Feng Tian Xia (君天下)

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