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Chapter 252: One Second Hasn't Passed Before She Slept Soundly 'ZZZZ'

"Am I stupid? Of course I won't say anything. Just wait until our family's young lady's strength is formidable in the future, then we'll make it public. When that time comes, those people at the capital won't be able to help going insane, ha haha. I really look forward to seeing everyone's expression at that time, hee hee!"

Uncle Qiu and Nanny Zhao had fun chatting, but didn't know that at this time, Feng Wu also couldn't sleep.

She was originally sleeping peacefully, but when she was half asleep and half awake, she felt that her foot tickled somewhat. While she was sleeping, something apparently came and gnawed her foot.

After Feng Wu woke up, she lifted open the covers and once she looked, she was immediately stunned——-

She didn't know when, but the little tiger cub unexpectedly climbed up on her bed and lay down beside her foot. Those two furry little paws was hugging onto her feet. Its eyes were closed while gnawing deliciously.

Feng Wu. "……"

The little tiger cub's teeth were similar to grains of rice and didn't bite painfully. There was also a kind of tingling, ticklish feeling, but still, wasn't this just too dumb?

Feng Wu couldn't help but withdraw her foot.

However, this little tiger cub was really a dope. Those two little paws embraced Feng Wu's foot. Its little body the size of a palm seemed as if it was glued on the sole of Feng Wu's foot and arrived in front of her along with her foot.

Feng Wu wasn't happy as she lifted the back of the little guy's neck. At this time, the little tiger cub finally opened its eyes in bewilderment and gazed at Feng Wu with a face full of innocence.

The little tiger cub suddenly covered its stomach and cried out 'ow ow'. Its body even trembled, very much like it was having a cramp.

Feng Wu nearly rolled her eyes. "Are you that hungry?"

"Ow ow ow——" The little tiger cub nodded repeatedly. That round and plump cheek appeared aggrieved while those amazingly clear, big eyes was even more clumsily adorkable, making one wish that they could hug it into their bosom.

Feng Wu grudgingly said. "How come you eat so much? How long has it been since you finished your meal and you're already hungry?"

Beautiful Mother slept at the same time as Feng Wu and now woke up in a daze to ask Feng Wu. "What time is it?"

"It's the fifth night watch." Feng Wu looked and looked at the sky. "Mother, hurry and sleep, ok? It's still not the time for you to get out of bed. If you don't sleep well, you're going to be out of sorts all day, and be dazed and groggy."

"Oh——" Her mother obediently lay back down and fell asleep, one second hasn't passed before she slept soundly 'ZZZZ'.

Seeing that her mother slept instantly, Feng Wu shook her head in amusement.

From Beautiful Mother's outward appearance, bearing, and manner of speech, it could be surmised that her background was absolutely indescribably noble. It's unknown what happened during that year that her head sustain injuries to this extent. From then on, her IQ only stayed at the level of a five or six year old.

However, that's also a good thing. Unburdened by too many thoughts, everything comes from the mind anyway, living carefreely and without worries, she could sleep within a second of lying down, her heart was also truly open enough.

Everybody said that her mother couldn't get up and couldn't support her and her brother properly, to the extent that she had to suffer so much.

But the fact was certainly wasn't like that at all.

Feng Wu carefully helped her mother brush away the hair over her face, watching her tenderly.

Precisely because there's a weak mother and young brother to take care of, precisely because they already gave her a warm family, that's why Feng Wu had even more of a reason to become strong, to go protect this home, to go protect her family members.

Otherwise, living only for the self would simply cut one off from other people. Was there any meaning to living that kind of life? Feng Wu certainly didn't feel that that kind of life had any meaning.

After Feng Wu very carefully tucked the corners of her mother's quilt and after she confirmed that her mother no longer kicked away her quilt, only then, did she cautiously and solemnly got off the bed to pack her own clothes.

It was currently the wee hours of the morning, that darkest period of time before dawn breaks. If possible, she didn't want to leave her warm blankets at all, but what else could be done when the little tiger cub was hungry to this extent?

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