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Chapter 251: The Fifth Young Lady Truly Is The Best Mistress

Watching Feng Wu's react like a little doe that's been frightened, Feng Xun was even more certain of his guess inside. He laughed endlessly in his mind, yet on the surface, he urged Feng Wu. "How about you just go and take a look? That way, you can also be at ease, right?"

"Why would I not be at ease, I'm quite at ease!" Feng Wu couldn't help but raise her voice.

Look, look, isn't she overreacting?

In Feng Xun's mind, his manner was as if he clearly understood the obvious, pursed his lips and smiled. That pair of pretty eyes as pitch black as ink looked at Feng Wu with a smile that's not a smile. His gaze made Feng Wu's heart a bit annoyed.

"What're you doing?" Feng Wu asked subconsciously.

"Really not going?" Feng Xun asked.

"Not going." Feng Wu turned her head and left in large strides.

But when she returned home, Qiu Ling's stomach was making noises.

"My Lady, I'm fine. It's just noisy from diarrhea. Let's get on the road in accordance with our plan." Qiu Ling could vaguely feel that Feng Wu was avoiding Crown Prince Jun's group of people.

After Feng Wu checked Qiu Ling's pulse, her brows knitted slightly. "You've caught a cold. How can you recover with all the shaking on the road? I'm prescribing you some medicine. After you finish drinking it, go to sleep. You'll sweat tonight, then will be all better in the morning. After that, we'll hurry on our journey."

"But My Lady, you——-" It's impossible for Qiu Ling not to be moved.

Just think about it, which family's mistress would change their travel plans on behalf of a servant girl? Really, there's only their family. The fifth lady was exceedingly good towards their pitiful class. She treated them as if they were equals, showing them more than enough patience and respect……

"Then it's decided. After you finished taking medicine, take a proper sleep. Don't worry about anything. You, sigh, your problem is that you carry too many burdens in your heart and worry too much." Feng Wu patted Qiu Ling's head.

Qiu Ling served her since she was little and had grown up together with her. In these years, Qiu Ling was almost responsible for every aspect of her daily needs, taking care of her in every possible way, neatly and tidily managed her every need. Also because of this, Feng Wu was able to concentrate on her study of pill refining techniques and of formations.

Therefore, in Feng Wu's heart, she'd always regarded Qiu Ling as her younger sister.

After she settled Qiu Ling down, Feng Wu, her mother, and the rest also took a break.

Uncle Shu and Nanny Zhao were an old married couple. After they took proper care of the people in the family, they were the last to lie down and rest.

Nanny Zhao couldn't help but sigh with sorrow. "At that time, when we left the capital, those old comrades either worried or sneered at us. They all felt that us following the second concubine to go to Northern Territories City was a form of exile, was degrading, was stupid, but I've always felt that only these years at Northern Territories City, were actually the happy ones."

Uncle Qiu nodded his head. "It's true."

"Moreover, Second Madam is the one who really treats lowly people like us as people. Not only Second Madam, whether it's Fifth Young Lady or Seventh Young Master, they all treat us with respect and caring. Have you ever seen them scold us?"


"Especially the fifth lady, Second Madam is unable to stand up for herself, She's young, with such slender shoulders, yet she's had to assume all of the responsibility for Second Concubine all the while without complaining of the burden, or of weariness. She pampers the Second Madam, protects the seventh young master, and is even so warm hearted towards the several of us. Sometimes, I really feel sorry for our family's young lady."

"The fifth lady truly is the best mistress. Being able to serve such a mistress is our good fortune."

Nanny Zhao was joyfully satisfied. "Right? Now that our family's lady can cultivate again, moreover, her cultivation is soaring at such a fast speed, when we arrive at the capital, those people will no doubt be scared witless!"

Uncle Qiu quickly said in a low voice. "The lady doesn't allow us to talk about this matter, so all of us need to guard our mouths, understand? The murderers who harmed the lady at that time still hasn't been found. If they were to discover……then the consequences!"

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