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Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Don’t Want To Talk To Elder Brother Feng Xun Anymore

Feng Wu rolled her eyes discreetly.

When she crossed over from the 21st century, she became a baby. When she was three years old, she triggered the Dragon Phoenix Ring’s spiritual world and discovered her beautiful master’s existence by chance. At the age of eight, she was targeted by Zuo Qing Yun, who ambushed her. Her True Phoenix Blood was destroyed. She was kicked out of her clan to the old residence in the Northern Territories ever since and she was now thirteen years old.

During the five years when she was three to eight years old, she was indeed regarded as a genius by others.

Many cultivators were stuck between levels one to nine of the Spirit Expert realm for their entire lives, finding it too difficult to break through.

Yet now, Zuo Qing Luan already broke through the Spirit Expert realm and entered the Spirit

Ancestor realm at such a young age. Furthermore, she’d already attained such high achievements in the Spirit Ancestor realm.

While Feng Wu……presently, she wasn’t even a level one Spirit Expert.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu felt that the food in her hands became a bit tasteless.

“At that time, you weren’t even a match for her.” Feng Xun made fun of Xuan Yi. “I remembered when you lost to Young Feng Wu at that time, you pulled a long face all day long. Everyday, you stood under her door with your sword to rechallenge her. The result was that she was so aloof, she simply didn’t remember you, and instead asked you who you were, and what you’re doing here. Ha ha ha ha ha——-”

Xuan Yi remained silent as he glanced at Feng Xun then turned his face away, did this person know how to chat?

Feng Wu turned and started at Xuan Yi, did this kind of thing

thing happen at the time? How come she didn’t have any impression of it?

But that’s also possible, because she’s especially busy at the time. Besides her daily cultivation assignments, she even had to learn a lot of things, inscription, spirit spells, engraving, painting, music, history, geography……in addition to the enormously difficult to understand medical expertise. Her beautiful master demanded perfection……in those days, her little body worked non-stop everyday. Her studies were prearranged from early morning until evening—–in the morning, she truly got up earlier than the roosters and went to sleep later than the pigs. She slept immediately the moment she lay down in bed.

It’s fortunate that she was a special agent in her previous incarnation, regardless of whether it’s willpower or endurance, she’d already passed through the fire for shaping and refining. Otherwise, her very young age indeed couldn’t have withstood it.

Also, she truly wasn’t acting high and aloof at the time, she was just

was just very busy, very very busy……

That’s why, Feng Wu tried to rectify herself. “That Feng Wu that you’re talking about, was she truly that aloof? Could it be that she was just very very busy, so she couldn’t attend to it……”

“Certainly not!” Feng Xun replied resolutely. “Besides cultivating, what else could she be busy with? She was as straight faced as a plank, very reserved and cold.”

Feng Wu: “……” Don’t want to speak with Elder Brother Feng Xun anymore.

Feng Xun had a friendly personality, the kind of person who could enliven a table at a party. When Feng Wu ignored him, he simply looked at Xuan Yi and continued to gossip. “Xuan Yi, at the time, you liked Young Feng Wu, right? If not, why would you chase after her everyday and even blocked her door?”

Without waiting for Xuan Yi to deny it, Feng Xun complacently lifted his eyebrows. “It’s a pity though, that Young Feng that Young Feng Wu didn’t like you. The person she liked was our Boss Jun.”

Feng Wu was originally drinking a cup of tea. When she heard this, she spurted a mouthful of tea on the spot. “Cough cough……cough cough cough……”

Feng Wu coughed so much, she was having trouble breathing!

What the hell was this? Who said she liked Jun Lin Yuan? At the time, she was barely eight years old, hey, eight years old. At that age, what kind of understanding could she have about ‘like’? Feng Xun was basically just spreading rumours!

Feng Xun was busy picking up a spotlessly white silk cloth to help Feng Wu wipe away the droplet at the corner of Feng Wu’s mouth. While he was dabbing, he was even happily saying. “I’m saying that Feng Wu liked our Boss Jun and wasn’t talking about you. What are you anxious for?”

Feng Wu was shouting in her heart: She, is, Feng, Wu!

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