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Chapter 243: Even This Could Cause A Breakthrough? !

Once Feng Wu lowered her head, she saw the little tiger cub's pair of damp, big eyes, and also hanging on its neck was a……baby bottle?

The little tiger cub's two front paws held onto the baby's feeding bottle. As it sucked, it stole glances at her.

Feng Wu. "……"

"What in the world was inside that bottle?" Feng Wu reached out and was going to take that bottle from the little tiger.

"Woo woo woo——" The little tiger cub was afraid that its food was going to be confiscated. Its cheeks shrunk as it finished drinking another mouthful and even hiccuped. "Hiccup——"

Feng Wu was immediately dumbfounded. The slim fingers on her right hand played a bit with the little tiger cub's forehead. "You little idiot, if you don't let me see it, how can I give you more in the future? Why don't you look for Feng Xun yourself."

"Woo woo woo——-" The little tiger cub used both paws to hand over the bottle hanging from its neck to Feng Wu.

However, not even one drop was left inside……Feng Wu wanted to cry, but had no tears.

Just at this time, suddenly, Feng Wu's heart trembled. A kind of peculiar feeling flooded inside her dantian.

It couldn't be?

Feng Wu was very familiar with this kind of feeling, because she recently already advanced six levels.

Feng Wu had no time to dwell on it and speeded up her footsteps immediately. She quickly ran all the way home, stuffed the little tiger cub into Beautiful Mother's embrace, and turned around to enter her own room.

Before she entered her room, Feng Wu turned her head and instructed Qiu Ling. "Before I come back out, don't let anyone in to disturb me. Remember, no matter what."

Feng Wu's expression was very serious, and also imposing.

Qiu Ling became aware of the seriousness of the matter and she replied as she nodded. "Ok. I'll guard by the door, if something were to happen, Miss, you just yell for me."

Feng Wu nodded her head. After that, she closed the door.

Inside the room, Feng Wu had no time to ponder and immediately sat down cross-legged. After she emptied all distracting thoughts from her mind, she instantly entered a state of selflessness.

The first thing Feng Wu did was to examine her own dantian.

Sure enough, there was so much more golden liquid inside her dantian that it just about overflowed!

At once, Feng Wu's pair of eyes closed tightly as she started to circulate the golden liquid throughout all of the meridians in her body——

She didn't understand what had happened, but nevertheless, this kind of change was currently wonderful as far as she was concerned.

Because, she's going to advance to the next level soon.

She was previously at the border of a level six Spirit Master, and now, Feng Wu could clearly feel that she was stepping into the path towards a level seven Spirit Master.

Time passed by one second, one minute at a time.

The sky outside also changed from day into night, and from night into day again……

Qiu Ling remained loyal to her duty all along and stood outside the door. She bent her ears to listen attentively for any noise inside and didn't dare to slack off in the least.

Inside the room, Feng Wu's body was saturated with a sticky layer of sweat. Her entire body seemed as if it had been lifted out of the sea, hair drenched, clothing also wet through, damp patches even flowed on the floor.

On that incredibly gorgeous face soaked with perspiration, her eyes slowly opened——

Within those black and white distinctly contrasting eyes, wet and shimmering, clear and spirited, a burst of spirit qi flashed by——

Feng Wu slowly exhaled a mouthful of air as the corners of her mouth curved into a faint arc.

She's already a level seven Spirit Master.

She already advanced to level seven. Really such a fast speed, even faster than what she imagined.

Based on her current speed of advancement, maybe by the time she reached the imperial capital, she would already advance to the boundary of a Spirit Ancestor……and everybody still didn't know that she could cultivate and only thought that she was useless.

If……she appeared at a crucial time, would those people from the capital be gobsmacked?

Thinking of this, she really looked forward to it a little.

However……why did her cultivation suddenly advance?

Feng Wu stroked her chin as her mind sunk into a perplexed state.

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