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Chapter 242: You Shouldn't Be Thinking About Feng Wu, Right?

And took back the little tiger cub while laughing coldly. "Does your Boss Jun look like something's the matter with him? He's got enough vitality, enough life in him to thoroughly infuriate other people to death!"

After she spoke, Feng Wu turned around and left.

Feng Xun stared with eyes wide, puzzled as he watched Feng Wu's departing figure……why did he feel that her anger was rather strong?

Feng Xun pushed open the door and entered to see his Boss Jun sitting on the bed in a daze. Apparently, his soul was on a mental journey.

Lost in thought?

There unexpectedly was a time when their Boss Jun could be in a daze?

This was truly odd, too strange.

Feng Xun walked forward and sat down on that same low block in front of the bed that Feng Wu sat on. One of his hands stroked his chin as he stared unblinkingly at Jun Lin Yuan.

When Jun Lin Yuan's senses returned to him, he saw Feng Xun sitting in front of him. At once, his eyes narrowed——

When did Feng Xun come in?

He surprisingly didn't realize it?

Feng Xun sized up Jun Lin Yuan up and down, scrutinizing him very carefully.

Jun Lin Yuan absent-mindedly shot him a glance. "What're you looking at?"

Could it be……Feng Xun had discovered some clues?

Jun Lin Yuan subconsciously stroked the edge of his lips. At that place, extra warmth seemed to linger still.

Feng Xun's eyes flashed. "Feng Wu's medical expertise indeed enjoyed a well-deserved reputation. With merely a bit of care just now, Boss Jun, your complexion already looks much better."

"Cough cough——" Jun Lin Yuan was choked by Feng Xun's words. The expression on that face that was capable of commanding the world appeared extremely complicated.

Feng Xun immediately became anxious. "Boss Jun, are you alright? You haven't suffered from that girl's medical treatment, right? How in the world did she treat your injuries? I'm going to go ask her——"

"Stop!" Jun Lin Yuan coughed softly.

Feng Xun turned his head around. "Boss Jun, you really don't need me to go bring Feng Wu back?"

Jun Lin Yuan's expression was indifferent. "No need."

"Oh." Feng Xun returned again and sat in front of Jun Lin Yuan. He sized Jun Lin Yuan up and down once again.

Jun Lin Yuan casted a displeased glance at him. "What's up?"

Feng Xun stroked his chin. "Were you in a daze just now? What're you thinking of?"

Jun Lin Yuan's expression became somewhat heavy, somewhat melancholic.

Feng Xun was right. Just now, he was indeed in a daze. What appeared in his mind was Feng Wu's face as she looked down……this kind of feeling was very unfamiliar, but Jun Lin Yuan resisted it subconsciously.

As a cultivator whose ultimate goal was to set foot onto the peak of martial arts, Jun Lin Yuan certainly didn't like these kinds of……distracting thoughts which could lead him astray.

Feng Wu was exactly a strand of this kind of distracting thought.

"You shouldn't be thinking of Feng Wu, right?" Feng Xun looked at Jun Lin Yuan with amusement. That pair of eyes sparkled brightly. "Hey, Boss Jun, don't tell me that towards Feng Wu, you feel……"

"No!" Jun Lin Yuan's face which had always been emotionless, suddenly darkened. His slightly angry eyes glared at him with a very unsightly expression.

Feng Xun pondered to himself while he stroked his nose and immediately lost hope.

Sigh, he originally even thought that Boss Jun was interested in Feng Wu. Who could have imagined that he wasn't. Such an intelligent and pretty girl, was it that hard to like her?

However, when he thought of how Feng Wu's cultivation had been destroyed, Feng Xun shook his head. "That's true. Feng Wu basically couldn't cultivate, how could you, Boss Jun, like her? I'm the one who's thinking too much, sigh, that pitiful girl, Feng Wu."

Jun Lin Yuan silently took a glance at him, eyes deep and hidden in the distance……

After Feng Wu seized the little tiger cub in a fit of anger, she held it all the way home.

On the road, this little tiger in Feng Wu's embrace continually used that pair of adorable and dumb eyes to observe Feng Wu. Seeing anger emitted from all over her body, it immediately withdrew its little body motionlessly and didn't dare to make the slightest bit of noise. It looked both clever and cute, so adorable a person's heart could be transformed.

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