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Chapter 244: What Did You Bite Into?

She had originally just advanced into the sixth level and hadn't accumulated spirit qi, why did she suddenly…?

Up until that point, did anything unusual happen?

Once she started thinking, she only thought of hers and Jun Lin Yuan's……kiss.

She only remembered that she was fearful of Jun Lin Yuan's excessively powerful aura. When their lips touched, her adrenaline exploded and her brain blanked out as her feelings fluctuated violently……after that, she had the feeling that she was going to advance?

Could it be that her advancement and Jun Lin Yuan's kiss……was related?

Feng Wu couldn't help but cover her own face. If it's truly like that, then that truly……should not be expressed in words.

It couldn't be, it couldn't be, it definitely couldn't be like that, Feng Wu told herself as she kneaded her forehead.

Boom boom boom, Boom boomboom——Feng Wu could feel one wave after another of striking sounds transmit within her dimensional space. Her soul immediately entered the dimensional space.

She'd just entered when the Rainbow Phoenix glared at her!

Feng Wu supported her forehead. She remembered. The Distinct Fire!

The Rainbow Phoenix needed the first strand of Distinct Fire after the earthquake. Only with that could it leave this dimensional space, and exactly because of this, it continually pushed Feng Wu into the mountain to fetch the first strand of Distinct Fire at the time.

However, unfortunately, Feng Xun, that stupid guy, appeared, to the extent that the glorious Distinct Fire flew into the Glory Overlord Tiger's body and was absorbed by the little tiger cubs.

At the time, Feng Wu already examined everything. That glorious Distinct Fire divided in two. Half was in the older tiger's body, while the other half was absorbed into the younger tiger's body.

Therefore——facing the Rainbow Phoenix's angry glare, Feng Wu spread out her hands. "There's truly no chance of obtaining the Glory Distinct Fire anymore. Will you see if there's any other way?"

Feng Wu kneeled in front of her master, both hands folded by the side of the bed, chin resting on the back of her hand, as she infatuatedly looked at her master's snow-like complexion, graceful and otherworldly, a complexion that's clear and pure like an immortal's……

Her beautiful master laid there eyes closed, his body elegant and handsome, one which had never needed to be cleaned, ten thousand years like one (unaging), graceful and otherworldly. Furthermore, it seemed as if a dense immortal essence floated around him.

The rainbow phoenix also knew that there's no more hope for the Distinct Fire as its head drooped and faced Feng Wu with its back. It was like a child having a fit.

Feng Wu raised her hand and pulled the rainbow phoenix over while stroking its feathers. "Fine, fine, don't be angry anymore haha, it's probably a blessing in disguise? Maybe next time, we'll find an even better Distinct fire? Right?"

The rainbow phoenix's head drooped, as it sulkingly pouted its mouth, quite unhappily.

"I guarantee that the next time we run into distinct fires, I'll get one for you, ok?" Feng Wu wholeheartedly coaxed it.

"You promise?" The rainbow phoenix stared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu nodded her head.

"I smell a strange smell on you." Rainbow Phoenix flew in a circle around Feng Wu, somewhat puzzled. "Actually, this smell doesn't belong to you."

"What……do you mean?" Feng Wu's heart suddenly skipped a beat.

The rainbow phoenix took a sniff at one side of Feng Wu's slender neck, the sniffed at the other side, then pondered over it for awhile. There seemed to be something it was unable to figure out.

"What, are you doing?" Feng Wu poked at the rainbow phoenix's head.

Little Rainbow Phoenix tilted its head, thought about it for awhile, then asked Feng Wu very suspiciously. "Who were you together with just now?"

Feng Wu subconsciously took a glance at her beautiful master. After that, she glared at the phoenix. "What the heck?"

"Previously, what did you bite into?" The little rainbow phoenix's words were simply astonishing!

Feng Wu's face burned red for awhile, bite into what? Subconsciously, that commanding face belonging to Jun Lin Yuan appeared in her mind, that exceptional face that could command the moon and sun to lose their splendor.

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