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Chapter 241: How Maddening!

Was Jun Lin Yuan going to die from getting knocked around?

Feng Wu watched Jun Lin Yuan with eyes opened wide.

He sat up ramrod straight. His back leaned against the headboard, complexion paled while his deep eyes were closed at the moment. There wasn't any expression on his face whatsoever……

He…… shouldn't have died from getting knocked over, right?

Feng Wu felt somewhat fearful.

Precisely because Feng Wu was a pill refining master, she understood even more clearly about the wounds inside Jun Lin Yuan's body. If a cultivator was like a character inside a game, where a blood red bar was used to indicate their life force, then the injured Jun Lin Yuan only had the very last dot of red left.

Any bit of a strike was probably enough to bring about his death……

Feng Wu remorsefully wished that she could slap herself. If Jun Lin Yuan died, nine generations of her family would be beheaded cleanly and neatly!

Her beautiful mother, naive younger brother would all……

Feng Wu sucked in a mouthful of air and told herself to calm down.

After that, she took a step forward and placed the index finger of her right hand under Jun Lin Yuan's nose to feel for his breath.

No breath? !

Feng Wu's complexion became deathly pale from alarm! ! !

It couldn't really be what she's thinking, right?

Jun Lin Yuan, he?

Feng Wu no longer had time to think as she immediately rushed forward and gave Jun Lin Yuan mouth to mouth resuscitation!

The current Jun Lin Yuan was indeed obstructed from breathing by Feng Wu's bump earlier. But that's also merely for an instant, that's all. His body had yet to be that weak. After the time of a breath, his breathing would've eventually restarted.

However, just at this moment, those soft lips unexpectedly delivered themselves by his lips!

Furthermore, she even fiercely pried open his lips as her fiery tongue recklessly charged over!

Her soft lips felt like an electric shock, something that he'd never experienced before in his life!

Jun Lin Yuan's heart was struck ferociously!

His eyes opened wide and gazed at Feng Wu. Because this was the first time he'd been touched, his reaction was somewhat wooden as Feng Xun's words continually circled within his brain: Feng Wu is madly in love with you. If you don't like her, then don't give her any hope!

Feng Xun had never been reliable. It was rare for him to be right for once. Sure enough, this girl, Feng Wu, liked him, liked him enough to go wild.

Jun Lin Yuan's body stiffened as his hand clenched into fists. That skin color as fair as jade was as white as before. Merely, those earlobes were suffused with a shade of pink.

Feng Wu was the last to discover that Jun Lin Yuan's fiery breath blew on her face.

This was……she subconsciously opened her eyes, but facing that pair of eyes that were deep, profound, darker than the night sky yet brighter than the stars, resplendent, shining and glistening…. Time seemed to have stopped for a moment, while the expression on his face……was complicated and difficult to decipher.

In a mere second, Feng Wu stood up abruptly as she wiped at the corners of her mouth, pretending to be calm while she looked at Jun Lin Yuan. "Just now, you nearly……"

"Do you even know what embarrassment is?" Jun Lin Yuan's face stiffened, expression solemn.

Feng Wu. "……what did you say?"

Jun Lin Yuan coughed softly once, within his husky voice was a trace of hidden profoundness. "For a young girl to marry, what's most important is her moral conduct."

Feng Wu's face instantly changed. She glared at Jun Lin Yuan as a bout of rage soared in the pit of her stomach!

She didn't conduct herself with moral virtue? !

She was only concerned that the crown prince who was powerful enough to overturn all of the world would die, which would implicate nine generations of her family, that's why she performed mouth to mouth on him. How was that not conducting herself with moral virtue? !

Feng Wu only felt that she was both enraged and aggrieved. At once, she threw off Jun Lin Yuan, turned around, and left!

Jun Lin Yuan was immediately stumped for words and was somewhat unable to react.


Feng Wu slammed the door loudly!

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of sword shaped eyebrows faintly knitted together, his expression difficult to interpret.

Feng Wu charged outside and saw Feng Xun standing outside the door.

Seeing Feng Wu come out, Feng Xun very delightedly rushed forward to ask. "Little Wu, Little Wu, how was it? Is Boss Jun alright?"

Feng Wu reached out towards his chest——

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