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Chapter 240: She She She……What In The World Did She Do Just Now? !

He suddenly closed his eyes tightly!

Secretly clenched his fists even more firmly!

Feng Wu had just finished writing a prescription and blew dry the ink on the page. She turned around and gazed at Jun Lin Yuan. "Eh? Where's Butler Feng? Why don't I see him this time?"

Feng Wu remembered that Butler Feng had always looked after Jun Lin Yuan, not merely to protect his safety, but also to take good care of his daily needs.

"At the capital." Jun Lin Yuan's eyes fixed on a roof beam without blinking and didn't even take another glance at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu watched Jun Lin Yuan's attitude of not even bothering to look at her and she smiled bitterly in her heart. Just how irritated was he towards her?

However, it wasn't her fault that they got engaged during those days, right?

What's more, when the marriage was annulled afterwards, she was the one who suffered, ok?

She didn't even get angry. What's there for him to get angry about?

Feng Wu was a child whose ego was also quite big. Thinking of this, she directly slapped the prescription down on top of the table. "Crown Prince Jun, the prescription is here. When Feng Xun returns later, have him go and get it filled. I'm leaving!"

After she spoke, Feng Wu turned around and left.

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of dense and thick sword shaped eyebrows faintly knitted. He stared at Feng Wu's back. "Hold on."

Did she have to stop just because he said so? Feng Wu certainly wasn't someone with a good temper.

Feng Wu raised her head, stuck out her chest, and moved forward.

Suddenly, her body froze in place!

It was as if she was fixed in place, unable to make a single movement.

Without waiting for Feng Wu to react, she suddenly became aware that her own body was flying backwards!

"Ah!" Without waiting for her to cry out loud in alarm, clang, boom, Feng Wu's body then smashed against Jun Lin Yuan's bed. Her whole body practically fell on top of his body.

"Woah—-" Jun Lin Yuan uttered a muffled sound as his complexion paled even more.

Feng Wu raised her head, Jun Lin Yuan lowered his head. The distance between the ends of their noses could almost be ignored.

"Ah!" Feng Wu panicked inside for no rhyme or reason!

Jun Lin Yuan, hey!

Such a powerful, overbearing, frightening Crown Prince Jun, ah!

His ever present outrageous mysophobia, yet they're unexpectedly so close right now?

Wouldn't she end up getting hacked? !

Thinking of this, once Feng Wu raised her head, she wanted to leap away, however——


The two almost touching foreheads bumped against each other with a bang.

For a moment, Feng Wu hurt so much tears almost flowed out like a whirlwind, while she only saw stars before her eyes. Even more so, a humming noise echoed in her ears.

Not good——Feng Wu's heart clenched.

Don't be fooled by Jun Lin Yuan's calm and nonchalant outward appearance. The reality was that his body's internal injuries were very serious. His body was currently no different than fragile colored glass. Previously, she struck his body. Now, his head was again knocked against by her……Feng Wu almost didn't dare to look up at Jun Lin Yuan.

Feng Wu clenched her fists tightly and still opened her eyes——

Once she opened her eyes, she saw a pair of deep eyes almost within her reach.

His eyes were originally already deep. At such a close distance, they appeared even more incomparably deep, both dark and bright, just like a black vortex that seemed to absorb a person's soul!

Jun Lin Yuan abruptly bent his body down——

But Feng Wu's movement was even faster!

As both of her hands pushed away from the center of Jun Lin Yuan's stomach!


As powerful and tyrannical as Jun Lin Yuan was, due to his grave internal injuries, he wasn't able to gather any strength. Moreover, he condensed a little bit of spirit qi with great difficulty in order to pull Feng Wu back just now, so he'd exhausted his strength. Therefore, when Feng Wu subconsciously pushed him just now——


Jun Lin Yuan's back fiercely knocked against the headboard. Moreover, the back of his head directly knocked against it!

That sound resonated sharply and clearly!

Feng Wu opened her eyes wide as she watched this scene before her. She was so nervous she almost forgot to breathe……

What was she doing? !


She, she, she……what in the world did she do just now? !

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