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Chapter 239: As You Wish

"Cough cough—-" Could Feng Wu very well say that a moment ago, she was absent-mindedly admiring his good looks?

'Look', this meant that she was checking his complexion.

Therefore, Feng Wu readily followed his suggestion and nodded slightly. "Crown Prince Jun, your complexion doesn't look too good. Following this, it's best that you rest in bed for three days, otherwise, it'd be troublesome if any residual effects remained."

Jun Lin Yuan declined to comment and suddenly curved the corners of his mouth. "Then how about 'listen'?"

'Listen' meant listening for how the patient sounds.

Feng Wu replied. "Crown Prince's breath is weak, your voice hoarse, therefore, it's best that you talk less."

Sure enough, it's as Feng Xun said, she was quite concerned about him.

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of pitch-black eyes instantly unblinkingly stared at Feng Wu as he extended his right hand. "As you wish."

Feng Wu was somewhat puzzled as she took a glance at Jun Lin Yuan. As she wished? What did this mean? How's checking his pulse considered 'as she wished'? She couldn't figure it out, so also didn't ask about it. She only concentrated on feeling Jun Lin Yuan's pulse.

Jun Lin Yuan proved himself to be Jun Lin Yuan. The spirit force within his body was critically exhausted. His dantian was just like a dried up well. Even his meridians were constricted into a lump due to the lack of spirit force……

Based on one person's strength, he moved endless wind and rain and destroyed a large fire which spread everywhere……

Who could imagine that this was done by the reportedly callous and loveless Jun Lin Yuan who looked upon human life as grass?

And he apparently didn't concern himself with his own life in the slightest.

Throughout the thorough diagnosis, Feng Wu's complexion changed repeatedly.

Within his body, spirit force was used up, blood clotted, meridians knotted up, just like he was blown apart by a berserk hurricane into a big mess.

Just thinking about it, it could be imagined just how much pain he was in……

Feng Wu's heart clenched all of a sudden as she subconsciously looked towards Jun Lin Yuan.

If a normal person received a critical internal injury like this, they probably would've died long ago. Even if they didn't die, they would've fallen unconscious due to the pain long ago.

Yet Jun Lin Yuan, besides his complexion being a little pale, no other trace of injury could be perceived on him. This was awfully like Jun Lin Yuan.

Feng Wu took another look at him. "Aren't you in pain?"

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of pitch-black eyes suddenly shined like stars.

Sure enough, just like Feng Xun said, this girl cared about him a lot.

Jun Lin Yuan stared at Feng Wu. For a short time he stared unblinkingly, his gaze very deep, very bright.

This kind of gaze was too heated, so heated that it made a person's heart burn hot. Feng Wu only felt her heartbeat gradually begin to speed up……

"You……" Feng Wu curled her hand into a fist and bravely raised her head. That pair of black and clear eyes met Jun Lin Yuan's. "You need to stay in bed for three days to recover. I'm going to write you a prescription right now. Prepare the medicine based upon this prescription. Remember, within these three days, you can't go anywhere. Just lie down in bed."

Feng Wu turned around and walked beside the table to write.

Jun Lin Yuan's fingers tapped on the bedding. It's unknown what his brain was pondering. Once he turned his head, he saw the side of Feng Wu's face facing him.

Feng Wu sat in front of the table, her head half dropping down, exposing most of her bright and clean forehead. The hair on her temples appeared soft and sprouted adorably. That pair of eyes looking down was just like a clear spring, washing away dirt naturally. Her nose was tall and straight like the ridge of a mountain. The tip of her nose was delicate and charming, like frost reflecting the sun, translucent like jade.

Especially that modesty in lowering her head, beauty surpassing the scene of a clear moon shining upon the world……

Jun Lin Yuan was someone who never cared about beauty. In any case, nobody could compare to him when it came to looks.

However, watching that little figure before him, those delicate, shapely eyes as limpid as autumn waters, the girl so soft and smooth that she seemed boneless, and his heart which had always been as firm as to be enveloped by ten thousand layers of self restraint——thump thumpthump.

Jun Lin Yuan could clearly feel that at this moment, of the ten thousand layers of self restraint, at least a thousand layers had burst open!

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