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Chapter 238: Four Methods of Diagnosis

She presently wished that she could separate far away from Jun Lin Yuan in order to prevent the scandal from spreading. But now……even if she didn't agree to this deal, it's already a done deal.

Feng Wu raised her head and looked at the boundless Icebound Forest in the distance. That place was a swath of moist ashes.

Because of the world, because of this kingdom's people, Jun Lin Yuan……forget it. Take it as owing to these things that she'd seen, she'll go and take a look.

Feng Wu helplessly kneaded the space between her eyebrows and turned to walk towards that most luxurious and gorgeous courtyard.

More than half of Yan Yan's body was still buried under the collapsed building as she watched Feng Wu enter the courtyard. She immediately laughed coldly. "How noble and virtuous do you think you are? You wait until Cousin Feng left, then enter the courtyard again on your own, and you dare to say that you're not wrapping yourself around Crown Prince Jun! What a fake! Feng Wu, there'll inevitably be a day when I'll expose your sham and have everyone in the world see your true colors! ! !"

Feng Wu entered the courtyard and into the central building inside. On top of the bed engraved with a dragon and phoenix outlined in gold, Jun Lin Yuan's elegant body was lying down stretched out.

At the moment, on his abstruse silhouette, his complexion was pale and haggard, weak and powerless. It was obvious that his spirit force had been excessively overdrawn.

Yet even though it was like this, the aura around his body was still extremely powerful. The gaze he shot over was dangerous and hawk-like, just like the cold edge of a blade!

Feng Wu's mind froze for a moment.

Jun Lin Yuan's aura was too powerful. No wonder Pill Master Ba Junior was so scared. Even though she had mastered mental control, its still not surprising that her mind was a disrupted for a bit.

Actually, she already passively made a deal with Feng Xun. Therefore, Feng Wu had no choice but to forge ahead. Step by step, she moved to Jun Lin Yuan's side.

This was the first time that Feng Wu looked at Jun Lin Yuan from a higher vantage point.

The sky had already turned dark. A row night pearls shined brilliantly inside the room, so it was even brighter than daytime.

The brilliant rays of light shined upon his peerlessly handsome face. A headful of long ink black hair hung down as that pair of beautiful eyes half narrowed, appearing all the more abstruse, directly penetrating a person's heart.

"Watching something good?" Jun Lin Yuan's gaze was hidden in depth and penetrating as it focused on Feng Wu.

Feng Wu's thoughts suddenly shook a bit, she snapped out of it instantly!

She, she, she……unexpectedly looked at Jun Lin Yuan's face and watched absent-mindedly?

How's that possible……Feng Wu subconsciously covered the pit of her stomach.

Ordinarily, she'd seen much of Beautiful Mother's face which was so beautiful it could outshine the whole world. Her standard for beauty was already much higher than an ordinary person's, but watching Jun Lin Yuan……she could still watch so absent-mindedly. Thus, it could be seen how astonishing this young man's face was.

"Cough cough——" Feng Wu cleared her throat. "What did you say?"

"Why did you come here?" Jun Lin Yuan didn't reply and asked instead.

"I'm here to see a patient." Feng Wu answered as a matter of course.

"Then what are you doing right now?" Jun Lin Yuan half leaned against the mattress. That pair of originally outlined, deep, beautiful eyes at the moment didn't blink for an instant as it stared at Feng Wu. The color of his pupils were very dark, yet very bright and seemed as if in their depths were concealed thousands things to say.

"Hiccup……" Feng Wu kneaded the delicate tip of her nose.

She'd just come in and was immediately attracted by Jun Lin Yuan's hidden in depth, handsome face. After that, she stared blankly while lost in thought. This was truly……

Feng Wu cleared her throat and half sat on that low block outlined with gold in front of the bed. After she controlled her expression, she sternly said to Jun Lin Yuan. "Crown Prince Jun, please extend your right hand."

"There are four methods of diagnosis, therefore, when you looked at me previously without blinking, was it for the sake of making a diagnosis?" Jun Lin Yuan's pair of profound mysterious eyes focused intently on her as they twinkled under the light of the night pearls, just like shining bright stars, bewitching and captivating.

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