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Chapter 237: Are you satisfied? Are you happy?

Yan Yan only felt that she had just suffered the biggest grievance of her life and sobbed with a loud 'wah'.

However, Feng Xun simply didn't have time to take notice of her!

Because right now, the most important matter was Jun Lin Yuan. The second most important matter was precisely Feng Wu, the one who could save Jun Lin Yuan.

Therefore, Feng Xun simply didn't hear the sound of Yan Yan's crying as he rushed towards Feng Wu at lightning speed and grabbed her right shoulder to turn her body back.

Feng Wu was angry inside! She clenched her fists discreetly!

In the end, there was too big of a difference between her strength and Feng Xun's, to the extent that she simply was powerless to resist him!

A level six spirit master's strength was still too weak. She must quickly cultivate!

Feng Wu silently admonished herself in her mind.

Feng Xun saw that Feng Wu's face was as cold as frost and felt guilty inside. He asked softly. "Are you still angry?"

Feng Wu rolled her eyes. She was even too lazy to become angry, ok? When in the world was this misunderstanding going to be cleared up? !

"Is something the matter?" Feng Wu shot Feng Xun a glance in a displeased manner. "If nothing's going on, then quickly let me go. My little tiger cub is still waiting for something to eat."

Feng Xun's attention wasn't placed on the little tiger cub frantic with hunger. He looked at Feng Wu and suddenly pulled off a smiling expression, chuckling mysteriously as he spoke. "Little Feng Wu! I can fulfill your dream. Are you happy? !"

"Fulfill my dream? Do you even know what my dream is?" Feng Wu stared at Feng Xun.

She wished that her strength could increase at lightning speed, and could reach the boundary of a spirit ancestor with one go, then crush Zuo Qing Luan under her foot. So how's Feng Xun going to help her?

Feng Xun snapped his fingers. "I can help you approach Boss Jun right now. Are you satisfied? Are you happy?"

Feng Wu completely turned her back on him. "This is the dream you're talking about?"

Feng Xun replied, "Yeah, haven't you always wanted to get close to Boss Jun, yet can't? When we're in the mountains, weren't you reluctant part, reluctant to leave his side? Right now, there's such an honorable opportunity!"

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth pulled into a cold smile as she chuckled twice 'hee hee', turned around, and left.

"Sigh. Why are you leaving?" Feng Xun grabbed Feng Wu's hand. "Aren't you looking forward to it? Sigh, you don't need to deny it. Really, what you're doing is boring."

Feng Wu smiled coldly. "I'm busy!"

Feng Xun rubbed his nose. It would seem that he overdid it when he spoke earlier and hurt the girl's self-respect. Sigh, but wasn't he only speaking the truth. His motive was still for her own good.

"Hey, isn't this your little tiger cub? Why does it appear so giddy and confused? Huh? Doesn't it look like it's about to die?" Feng Xun cried out in alarm!

Feng Wu finally stopped her footsteps and at last, she thought of the reason she went outside. Didn't she go out because she wanted to find something for the little tiger cub to eat?

She lowered her head. Sure enough, she saw the little tiger cub's weak and dispirited, drooping head……

"This little tiger cub of yours is starving! You've hugged it for so long. Is it possible that you haven't given it anything to eat at all? !" Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu incredulously.

"What should I feed it?" Feng Wu asked subconsciously.

"Oh my god, what should you feed it? Even if I tell you, you definitely wouldn't have anything on you. Fine, fine, let me take the little tiger cub away. I'll feed it something to eat, while you, go save Boss Jun without delay. This is the deal between us, ok?"

After saying this, Feng Xun snatched the little tiger cub and left at lightning speed with it in his arms!

"Sigh!" Feng Wu wanted to pull back Feng Xun, but Feng Xun's speed was too quick! She simply was unable to stop him!

Feng Wu. "……"

Could it be that she really had to save Jun Lin Yuan?

Feng Wu scratched her head distressedly——

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