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Chapter 236: Are You Still My Cousin? !

This palm strike was astonishingly strong!

It surprisingly directly caused Yan Yan, who was standing in place, to fly outward!


The pitiful Yan Yan immediately fell to the ground, after which grimaced in pain from the way that she landed and wasn't able to get up for quite awhile.

Yan Yan's pair of angry eyes glared at Feng Wu. She wished that she could spout fire!

She was so angry! ! !

Just at this time, someone was straightforwardly thrown outside.

Feng Wu turned to look and discovered that it was Pill Master Ba Junior……

Ordinarily, when someone got thrown out, they'd surely fly into a rage out of humiliation, however, after Pill Master Ba Junior was thrown out, he unexpectedly appeared to let out a breath in relief, got up, and quickly ran away……

Inside the room, Feng Xun bitterly turned towards Jun Lin Yuan. "Boss Jun, you've received such a heavy injury. Your spirit force have been seriously overdrawn again. If not carefully managed, the consequences will be too horrible to contemplate! Pill Master Ba Junior wasn't capable. How about we let Feng Wu come in? I guarantee that she won't touch you at all, is that alright?"

Jun Lin Yuan faintly gazed at Feng Xun with a……very strange, very complicated, very difficult to explain look.

Feng Xun anxiously ran in circles. "I know, Boss Jun, you dislike getting involved with young ladies, and loathed even more for them to touch you. We all know that you don't like Feng Wu! But aren't things very out of the ordinary now? You should just view her her as a pill refining master and it'll be fine, don't view her as a girl! Then let me go and invite her in here now!"

After Feng Xun finished speaking, he rushed outside. He was afraid that Jun Lin Yuan would open his mouth and ask him to stay!

Jun Lin Yuan stared at Feng Xun's retreating back with a look……of deeply hidden bitterness, filled with meaning.

Feng Xun rushed outside. What he saw was Yan Yan charging at Feng Wu like an artillery shell!

That position, Yan Yan wished that she could rip Feng Wu into shreds!

With a look, Feng Xun immediately worried and raised his hand to push Yan Yan away!

Pitiful Yan Yan, she struggled to stand up with great difficulty, and rushed forward with great difficulty in order to throttle Feng Wu. Feng Xun didn't come out earlier, nor did he come out later. He chose to come out right at this time!

If he came out then he came out, yet he unexpectedly even helped Feng Wu!


When Yan Yan charged forward, she actually used more than one hundred percent of her strength!

Therefore, when she was bounced back, that power was also over one hundred percent!


Pitiful Yan Yan, her body smashed against the wall of a house not far away.

That house was already destabilized from the earthquake earlier. Now that it was struck by such a strong force, at once——crash crash crash——before Yan Yan could get up, the house collapsed and countless numbers of broken tiles and bricks buried her entire body!

Feng Xun stared in stupefaction at this scene before him. "……"

He really only pushed in passing, how did this……

"Why are you guys fighting?" As Feng Xun rushed over to dig Yan Yan out, he subconsciously asked Feng Wu.

Feng Wu shot a glance at Feng Xun and left hugging the little tiger cub.

Slapping Yan Yan several times just now could be considered to have vented some of her anger, but her anger still hadn't completely cooled down.

Feng Xun lightly pushed aside some tiles and bricks and saw Yan Yan's head appear. Her flaming eyes looked as if she practically wanted to tear him into shreds!

"Feng Xun! Are you still my cousin? ! You surprisingly helped her and not me? ! Is this how a cousin should act? ! I——" Yan Yan was just about to let loose her anger when Feng Xun turned his head and saw Feng Wu leaving.

At once, he became anxious and spared no time to talk to Yan Yan. With a flash, his body rushed towards Feng Wu!

Yan Yan became completely stupefied. "! ! !"

He didn't merely push her, had her buried under a house, and hadn't even helped dig her out before he ran away like a puff of smoke? ! Was he really still her cousin, Feng Xun? How did he change in this manner? !

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