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Chapter 235: These Three Slaps!

Nanny Qu appeared extremely awkward. She bent her knee with propriety and greeted Feng Wu then entered the house.

Feng Wu. "……" Shoot shoot shoot. It's probably going to spread very quickly that she kept sticking to Jun Lin Yuan, yet was lectured by Feng Xun. This was just really……she really wanted to beat somebody up!

"Oh my——" Yan Yan saw Feng Wu and the corners of her mouth curved into a taunting sneer. "Oh my, I just wanted to see who the young lady is who doesn't care about honor and shame, who insists on throwing herself at Crown Prince Jun. Turns out it's you?"

Feng Wu inhaled deeply. Yan Yan harbored malice towards her. No matter how she explained herself, it would only lead to her own humiliation. Therefore, why would she bother to explain?

Feng Wu disdainfully shot her a glance, coldly laughed, and held the little tiger cub in her arms to depart.

Yan Yan then blocked Feng Wu's path and didn't allow her to leave. She smiled coldly while glaring at Feng Wu menacingly. "Previously, mother even said that you're so formidable, that your future prospects were so great, but it turns out that you don't cultivate spiritual qi. Your journey as a pill refining master and formations master also can't continue for long? Ah haha haha ha, this truly is the funniest thing I've heard today!"

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth pursed into a smile as she watched Yan Yan calmly in an unperturbed manner.

"I was puzzled. A countryside girl like you from a small town at the border, how can you be so familiar with my cousin, Feng Xun? So it turned out that you wanted to get close to Crown Prince Jun, that's why you approached by cousin on purpose. Feng Wu, hey Feng Wu, tell me, how can you be so shameless? !"

"Are you done speaking?" Feng Wu asked her.

"Of course I'm not done!" Yan Yan tauntingly glowered at Feng Wu. "Feng Wu! I'm warning you, don't approach my cousin again in the future! Even more so, don't try to get close to Crown Prince Jun! Or else——"

"Or else what?" Feng Wu's attitude was quite good. She beamingly smiled as before while watching Yan Yan.

"Or else, I'll beat you up each time I see you!" Yan Yan laid down these ruthless words!

"You're done speaking now?" Feng Wu inquired again. Moreover, her manner of speaking was serene, her expression earnest.

Yan Yan laughed coldly. "I'm done speaking. You can scram now——"

Yan Yan's voice hadn't dropped when suddenly!

A very tall shadow attacked her face at high-speed!

"Pow!" One after another sound of heavy slap!

Yan Yan's entire body was stunned!

She turned towards Feng Wu incredulously, her mind a big blank. "……"

Feng Wu laughed coldly. "This first slap is to beat you for your ignorance!"

Who said that she had no cultivation? Who said that her road as a pill refining master couldn't be continued for long? Who said that her journey as a formations master would be difficult to continue? Deserved to be beaten!

Just when Yan Yan completely hadn't reacted, Feng Wu raised her hand and threw another slap at her face. "This second slap is to beat you for believing that you're infallible and for speaking rubbish!"

When had she, Feng Wu, ever liked Jun Lin Yuan? She's not going to carry that burden!

With Yan Yan's temper, how could she obediently stand there and allow Feng Wu to thrash her? She wanted to move, she wanted to resist, she wanted to beat her back——

However, Yan Yan was astonished to discover that she surprisingly couldn't move!

Her entire body seemed as if it had been nailed to the ground. Don't mention moving, she couldn't even lift a single finger!

How's this possible? !

The look of panic appeared in Yan Yan's eyes!

Wasn't it said that Feng Wu's cultivation had been destroyed? Wasn't it said that Feng Wu could no longer cultivate? Wasn't it said that Feng Wu was useless trash? Then how was it possible for Feng Wu to completely suppress her strength? Moreover, she could even make her unable to move? !

Where the hell was there a mistake? !

Just when Yan Yan was anxious enough to go insane, Feng Wu raised her hand and aimed another slap at her face. "This third slap is to remove the conceited nonsense that spouted from your mouth!"

Pow! The slap echoed loudly again!

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