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Chapter 234: Unexpectedly Was Humiliated?

Feng Wu turned her head around and once she looked, sure enough!

At the moment, Feng Xun was standing at the doorway to Winding Peacy City's most luxurious and gorgeous courtyard. Once he saw Feng Wu, he fiercely turned his body and wanted to rush inside, pretending as if he hadn't seen her.

Feng Wu. "……Feng Xun!"

"Cough cough——" Feng Xun discovered that he could no longer run and could only obediently stand in place. He turned around with a helpless expression as he faced Feng Wu.

"What're you running for? Do you think that I'm going to eat you or something?" Feng Wu walked towards him and asked in a displeased manner. "Oh, by the way, I heard that Crown Prince Jun is inside? Is he wounded? Was the huge downpour within Ice Bound Forest truly brought forth by him?"

In all honesty, Feng Wu truly was curious! She wanted to confirm whether Jun Lin Yuan's cultivation was really so deep and unmeasurable.

However, this merely simple question in Feng Xun's ears, became something else entirely.

Feng Xun massaged the space between his eyebrows and looked at Feng Wu helplessly.

"Why are you looking at me that way? Are flowers growing out of my face?" Feng Wu casted a glance at him.

"Flowers aren't growing out of your face, but heart flowers is on your mind." Feng Xun shot a glance at Feng Wu. "Previously, you even pulled me and continuously stated that you don't like Jun Lin Yuan, really, really, you don't like him. If you go against your pledge, you'd be struck by lightning. What did I say at the time? I said that you shouldn't say one thing and mean another. I was right, wasn't I?"

Feng Wu. "……You……I……I'm really just curious!"

Feng Xun's sympathetically and pityingly gaze was stuck on Feng Wu. "Only if you like someone would you be concerned about him. Only if you're concerned about someone would you be curious about him. Therefore, you like Crown Prince Jun, there's no fault with that."

Feng Wu. "……" Speaking with little elder brother Feng Xun was truly very, very tiring……

"Forget I asked." Feng Wu spread out her hands.

Feng Xun pair of deep eyes then profoundly stared at Feng Wu, stared so much her heart just about grew goosebumps.

"What do you want to say? Tell me, don't hold it in. It's not like you can hide the things you want to say." Feng Wu wasn't in a good mood as she spoke.

"Little Wu, sigh……" Feng Xun's words were heavy as he looked meaningfully at Feng Wu. "You also know that Boss Jun doesn't like you. It's also impossible for him to like you, therefore……He's currently ill, so you shouldn't arrive in his presence and further stifle him, alright?"

Feng Wu clenched her fists. "! ! !" He spoke as if she insisted on seeing Jun Lin Yuan and as if she insisted on throwing herself at him! This was really……so infuriating!

Feng Xun even continued to say. "Little Wu, I'm a straightforward person and won't hold back my words. You're a great person, whether as a formations master or as a pill refining master, but your cultivation already has been destroyed after all. Therefore, neither of your two paths as a formations master, or a pill refining master will be able to progress much further. You……it's still better that you don't continue to have delusions about our Boss Jun. There won't be a good ending."

Feng Wu. "! ! !" Had she gone insane? She found the way here on her own and even insisted on listening to this humiliation?

"In all honesty, with regards to Jun Lin Yuan, I——" Feng Wu hadn't finished speaking when——

Just at this time, a noisy racket transmitted from inside! At the same time, it was even followed by Pill Master Ba Junior's sharp yelling!

Once Feng Xun heard this, his heart skipped at once. "Not good! I'm going inside to look! Little Wu, don't you go in! Avoid having Boss Jun's mood turn bad upon seeing you and causing his condition to worsen!"

After saying this, Feng Xun's body flashed and his presence disappeared!

Feng Wu. "! ! !" Her heart was choked into an unhealthy fire, yet couldn't be given vent. She was really furious!

Once Feng Wu turned her head around, she saw two people. One was Nanny Qu, who stood not far away and the other person was precisely Yan Yan.

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