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Chapter 232: Young Prince, What Are You Doing?

The volcano inside Icebound Forest already finished erupting.

Flames as far as the eyes could see were also being extinguished by the torrents of rain.

If it weren't for this very, very big torrential rain, if the wild flames were to continually spread, the entire Icebound Forest would've been enveloped by fire and finally burned to ashes!

Within the thousands of kilometers at the perimeter of the mountain, not even a single blade of grass remained!

Countless numbers of people were forced from their homes and wandered about! With no homes to return to…

Jun Lin Yuan depended on his own strength to forcibly reverse the situation. He drew the huge rainstorm in order to stop the fire's momentum. What kind of glorious achievement was this?

Yet, the one who drew one after another bout of heavy rain, Jun Lin Yuan, was currently being carried down the mountain on Xuan Yi's back.

Jun Lin Yuan had always been noble and calm, considering himself unexcelled in the world. Yet at this moment, that elegant figure was lying stretched out on the bed, his breath feeble, so tired that his eyes couldn't open.

Feng Xun was unbearably worried and yelled loudly. "Boss Jun! I'm going to find a medical expert for you! Wait for me! You need to hold on for me!"

Jun Lin Yuan opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but couldn't utter a sound.

Feng Xun anxiously approached him. "Boss Jun, what do you want to say?"

"Feng……Wu……" Jun Lin Yuan's breath was weak.

Once Feng Xun heard this, he quickly said. "What kind of time is this, yet you still care about those personal grievances and other matters in your heart? ! Feng Wu's medical expertise is quite formidable! There's definitely no problem having her come and treat you!"

Jun Lin Yuan still wanted to say something, but Feng Xun was damn anxious. "Fine! Fine! I won't ask Feng Wu. That's fine now, right? ! I'll first find another medical expert to treat you. If they successfully treat you, then we won't need to ask Feng Wu. This should be good, right? !"

As Feng Xun rushed outside, he muttered to himself. "Why does Boss Jun loathe Feng Wu so much? Actually, Feng Wu is still a pretty good catch, sigh, forget it. The important thing is to save Boss Jun first."

Once Feng Xun left, he saw Pill Master Ba Junior on the road. At once, he grabbed the man and ran.

Pill Master Ba Junior immediately became anxious. "Young Prince, Young Prince, what are you doing?"

Feng Xun unhappily said. "I'm giving you the opportunity to treat Crown Prince Jun."

"Ah! No Ah!"

Pill Master Ba Junior became anxious!

Crown Prince Jun was very scary. Once that pair of bitingly cold, sharp eyes focused on a person, that person's soul rigidly froze. That's a personality which prevented strangers from nearing him!

Pill Master Ba Junior wanted to struggle, but Feng Xun dragged him towards the room.

Very quickly, Pill Master Ba Junior was pulled inside.

Feng Xun dragged him in front of Jun Lin Yuan and yelled. "What're you doing blanking out? Hurry and care for him!"

Pill Master Ba Junior repeatedly laughed bitterly. He could fell an ice-cold gaze like a blade fix on him, to the point his hands and feet turned cold and turned stiff.

He basically didn't dare to look at Jun Lin Yuan in the face and only weakly beseeched Feng Xun. "Why are you looking for me? My medical expertise……won't do. This requires Miss Feng. Her medical expertise is the one that's truly formidable. Young Prince, how about I go help you find her?"

After saying this, Pill Master Ba Junior wanted to slip away……

Feng Xun displeasingly glared at him. "If it was possible to look for her, I would've looked for her early on. How would I still need to find you? Stop speaking nonsense and quickly save him!"

Pill Master Ba Junior scowled miserably. "Is it because Miss Feng won't agree to treat him?"

"How's that possible! Feng Wu would love to get close to our Boss Jun! It's our Boss Jun who isn't fond of being touched by her!" This dunce, Feng Xun. How would he be willing to have Jun Lin Yuan suffer any grievance. He loudly explained at once!

Pill Master Ba Junior's eyes shined after they focused. "So it turns out that Miss Feng fancies……"

"Well that's of course!" Feng Xun was especially pleased with himself, even more pleased with himself than if Feng Wu liked him. His hands folded behind him as he proudly raised his chin.

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