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Chapter 231: Little Tricky Goblin

Feng Wu held onto her forehead——

Why did she feel that some part of this little tiger cub's personality resembled her mother? Especially that little wretched appearance of feeling aggrieved simply made people……unable to harden their heart.

Beautiful Mother used chopsticks to pick up a drop of mother's milk. The little tiger cub stared at Feng Wu and just wouldn't eat.

Mother shot a sideways glance at Feng Wu who's standing by the side, then said. "Stand further away."

The little tiger cub nodded very happily.

Feng Wu supported her forehead. "……" The little tiger cub was truly turning its back on her! This owner who had only recently formed a loving spirit contract with it was now being ignored! ! !

Feng Wu advanced one step and glared at the little tiger cub. It held its little mouth in, appearing extremely aggrieved as it wept and sobbed passionately. Its eyes were totally wet……

Feng Wu! ! !

This damn cub was just like a tricky goblin. A tricky goblin who's putting on a play even with its soul!

With a look, Mother's heart immediately became extremely pained and pushed Feng Wu backwards. "Don't frighten it."

Feng Wu. "! ! !"

"Boo hoo hoo——" The little tiger cub threw itself at the softest part of Mother's belly and rubbed itself against her……

Feng Wu. "! ! !"

Beautiful Mother gently caressed its little head. "Obedient little tiger, oooh, let's try some breast milk. If you don't want to eat it, I won't force you, is that ok?"

"Woo woo woo——" The little tiger cub nodded.

Mother immediately became extremely happy as her pair of beautiful eyes turned towards Feng Wu. "Look, the little tiger is so obedient, so innocent and lovable."

Feng Wu. "……heh heh."

However, when Mother fed the little tiger some breast milk, its plump little face nevertheless creased into the appearance of a bitter melon. It turned its back and just about to cry.

Mother immediately became anxious and pulled the sleeve of Feng Wu's robe. "What's to be done? What should we do? It can't consume cow's milk, can't consume goat's milk, and also can't take human milk. Then what can it eat? What can we do now?"

Feng Wu wasn't happy as she answered. "Mother, you need to be clear about something. It's not that the milk can't be consumed, the tiger just won't eat it."

Her mother was anxious. "That's correct, it doesn't like these things. Hurry and go look for the things that it likes to eat and bring them here."

Feng Wu said in a displeased manner. "No need to bother with it, after not eating for two meals, it'll like to eat anything." Feng Wu had just spoken when——her mother, Qiu Ling, and even Zhao Momo, they surprisingly all looked at Feng Wu in a condemning manner.

Feng Wu. "……it's like this. Even if it was picky, how can it be that picky. Isn't it just fine if we just give something edible for it to eat."

Her mother immediately became anxious. "How's that any good? From the time it was born until now, it hasn't even consumed a single mouthful of milk. It's already been dying of hunger."

The little tiger fiercely nodded its head, mm hm, mm hm, mm hm!

Beautiful Mother pulled Feng Wu's sleeve and shook it back and forth. "Little Wu, you're obedient, right? Go and look for food, ok? You must have a way, right?"

Feng Wu sighed a long sigh. "……"

Qiu Ling gazed imploringly at Feng Wu. "My lady, the little tiger cub already lost its mother when it was born. It's so pitiful……"

Even Nanny Zhao looked at Feng Wu somewhat questioningly. She wanted to speak, but then hesitated.

Beautiful Mother's fixed firmly on Feng Wu as she bit her lower lip. That pair of delicate, absolutely gorgeous, moist eyes appeared like it was ready to cry, so perfectly pitiful……fine

"Fine fine fine fine fine——" Feng Wu started to understand why the little tiger could be so tricky when it had barely been born. Its ability to imitate was too incredible. It must have learned from her mother.

She succumbed to this same old trick from her mother, whereas her mother and the rest of them fell for these same tricks from the tiger……

So it was true that everybody in the world had their match, someone who they're weak against.

Feng Wu raised her hands in surrender. "You guys take good care of that little pet, I'll go take a stroll outside."

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